Cleaning and Maintaining Nesbit Partial Dentures

Nesbit partial dentures have become one of the more popular denture options for patients needing to replace one or two teeth. Because they are more comfortable than alternative options that use metal clasps, and are able to more naturally blend in with wearer’s gums with their translucent membrane, it’s no surprise that Nesbit partials are one of the top cost-effective long-term replacements chosen by patients. To get the most out of a Nesbit flexible partial, though, patients need to properly care for their dental replacement.

New wearers may not be as familiar with proper cleaning and maintenance techniques as experienced wearers. In many ways, caring for Nesbit partial dentures can be similar to caring for natural teeth, but that are a number of pertinent differences and directions that patients should keep in mind — not only so that their Nesbit dentures stay in the best possible condition, but so that they’re not inadvertently damaged.

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Proper Cleaning of Nesbit Partial Dentures

Nesbit flexible partial dentures will need to be cleaned immediately once they are no longer being worn. It’s a good idea to set out a towel or insert a sink stopper when cleaning a Nesbit partial denture, as they tend to be much smaller than other dental devices, and run the risk of being more easily lost while being handled.

Rinse the Nesbit partial in warm water, but not too hot. Then, clean the Nesbit partial denture using one of several types of cleaners:

  • Denture cleaner – these are cleaners specifically designed to clean dentures, and are readily available over the counter. A dentist can recommend a specific cleaner, but any cleaner with the American Dental Seal of Acceptance should suffice.
  • Mild hand soap or dishwashing liquid the term “mild” is key here: do not use a soap with added beads, salts, or other abrasive additives, and try to avoid additional add-ins as much as possible (lotions, etc.). Dishwashing liquid is also acceptable, but other household cleaners will be too harsh, and can break down the Nesbit denture.

Important Things to Avoid While Cleaning

One cleaner in particular to avoid, surprisingly enough, is toothpaste. Toothpaste generally has more abrasive cleaning substances included to help remove plaque and build-up on the hard enamel of natural teeth. When applied to a Nesbit partial denture, though, these abrasives can damage the denture, scratching or marring the surface of the appliance.

The cleaners should be applied using a brush to help remove debris and get a deeper clean. Like cleaners, there are specific brushes designed for cleaning dentures, with bristles shaped to specifically fit the contours of dentures. However, soft-bristled toothbrushes are also acceptable for cleaning Nesbit partial flexible dentures.

Avoid any brushes with bristles that are too hard. Much like cleaners with abrasive materials, harder bristles are more likely to cause scratches to the denture’s surface, or potential damage to the flexible membrane.

Additional Maintenance Tips

A key aspect to proper denture health is moisture. If the denture is allowed to dry out too much, it can eventually lose its shape, or may become damaged or cracked from the dryness. Moistening the brush before cleaning the denture will both make the cleaning process easier, and help keep the denture moist while it’s being scrubbed. If a Nesbit partial is being stored immediately after being worn, be sure to fully dry it off before storing it in the plastic container received with the Nesbit partial denture. This helps avoid mildew growth, which can cause serious health risks.  

It’s equally important to keep the Nesbit partial denture submerged in liquid overnight while sleeping. Water is an acceptable choice, so long as it is not flavored or carbonated. There are also denture-specific solutions or cleaning tablets available over the counter, as well, which will help clean and properly moisten the denture throughout the night. Before using one, make sure to consult with a dentist. Additionally, always thoroughly rinse the denture with warm water before re-inserting it, no matter how long it has been removed. Rinsing with mouthwash once the denture has been reinserted can help provide an extra fresh feeling, as well.

Dental Lab Direct: Your Partner for Nesbit Partial Dentures

Overall, properly caring for Nesbit partial dentures is easy, low-effort, and manageable. With some planning, and light scheduling the beginning, wearers and patients will get into the habit of properly cleaning and maintaining their Nesbit partials with ease, until it eventually becomes second nature. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, cost-effective dental replacement for one or two teeth, order a Nesbit partial flexible denture through Dental Lab Direct. Flexible, comfortable, and non-allergenic, the life-like appearance of the Nesbit partial will inspire confidence with each smile.

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Can Buying Partial Dentures Save Money in the Long-Term?

Partial dentures are a small investment that can save you money – thousands of dollars in the long-term – thanks to the reduced strain on the rest of your teeth and your jawbone. This comes as a surprise to many.

Many might consider a gap in one’s teeth to be nothing more than an aesthetic impairment. How much damage can a missing tooth really cause?

As it turns out, the cost of not taking care of your dental health can greatly outweigh the expense of purchasing a partial denture now. Finding a partner that is able to offer you immediate and affordable options can offer immediate results and save you from paying costly future bills.

How Do Missing Teeth Affect Overall Dental Health?

A missing tooth can affect your dental health in unexpected ways. The damage may not be immediately obvious, but over time has drastic consequences.

In the short-term, a missing tooth changes the way that you eat food. You’re likely to favor one side of your jaw over the other. With any new behavior, it eventually becomes habitual – over time, you won’t even notice how you’ve changed the way you eat. The problem goes ignored.

Favoring one side of your mouth while chewing will wear down your other teeth more rapidly. In time, this will result in a greater likelihood of chips, cracks, and cavities. With the possibility of other teeth being damaged, more teeth can be lost. Teeth in your mouth may shift to account for the missing space, leading to a misaligned smile.

The issues don’t stop there. Once a tooth has been lost, the jawbone will start to degrade where your tooth once was. Unlike teeth which are covered in enamel and are relatively resilient, a jawbone is not protected and cannot heal. This will change your facial structure, making your face appear uneven.

A hidden tooth can be concealed when you don’t smile, but an uneven jaw cannot be hidden. Can Nesbit partial dentures help?

How Buying Partial Dentures Save Money Over Time

Once a tooth has been lost, there is no way to reverse the damage that naturally occurs from a tooth gap. However, the process can be slowed down substantially when you buy partial dentures, so that the side-effects are virtually unnoticeable.

How is this the case?

With partial dentures, the gap between teeth is closed. Visually, your smile will look identical to what it was before. For those concerned with appearances, this is often worth it in itself. It gives a boost to your confidence as well as your mental health.

The benefits don’t stop there. Partial dentures serve an important practical purpose – they work just like any other tooth, and will allow you to chew on both sides of your mouth. Keeping a partial denture in throughout the day keeps your teeth from shifting and your smile even. Over time, this means less damage to the rest of your teeth, and less damage to your jawbone.

The Best Partial Dentures Don’t Have to Put a Gap in your Bank Account

When you invest in partial dentures, your dental bill will be considerably less expensive over time. Like most medical issues, the longer you wait on a problem, the worse it is likely to get. Solving an issue in the short term leads to a better prognosis and better results.

One of the biggest issues that people face with dentures is the pricing. Visiting a dentist for dentures can be expensive thanks to the surcharges necessary to keep their practices open. This can be prohibitive for those looking to fix their teeth who are also on a tight budget.

Thankfully, this process can be done from the comfort of your own home. Dental Lab Direct offers affordable, mail order partial dentures that are functionally identical to those that you can get from an in-person location. A dental impression kit is sent to your house, along with simple instructions. Once sent back, within two to three weeks you will have a custom partial denture fitted perfectly to your teeth.

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