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Theresa H.

“Just to let you know I received my partial. It fit perfectly! Just snapped right in! Thank you so much!”

Aaron M. / Hayesville, NC

“Very satisfied with my device! Fit is very good. Great price. Timely response when I had questions.”

James W. / Bellingham, WA

“This is the most comfortable appliance EVER!!!!! This has completely changed my life, i can eat on both sides of my mouth now!!!! thank you soo much for everything that you do!!!! You, Sir are the True American Hero!!! I can smile and eat with confidence again wow just wow!!!!!! Thanks a million…. literally!!!!”

Beth G. / Pacific, MO

“I purchased a nesbit partial to replace one tooth. The shipping was delayed both directions due to USPS staffing shortages, but this was no fault of DLD. It was very easy to take my own impressions, and the thorough instructions were greatly appreciated. The appliance itself is better than I could have hoped for! it fits comfortably and is virtually undetectable. The shade match is perfect, identical to my natural tooth color. This little gem is perfect, and I already feel my confidence has returned. Thank you for making such a quality product at a reasonable price and with such a convenient process. I’m so happy that I gave DLD a try!”

nancy L. / Dallas, TX

“The entire process was seamless. So thankful for my new tooth.”

Nestor V. / Nashport, OH

“Just received my dental appliance and it fit’s perfectly, thank you so much for the good work!”

Kimberly C. / Milledgeville, GA

“I am not a first-time partial denture wearer, so I have to say I was a little bit skeptical at first, but from looking over the reviews and with covid-19 on the rise, I decided to try it. I ordered on October 21, 2020, and 3 days later I received my impression kit. I mailed the package back off immediately and received my final product (partial 6 teeth flexible) on November 14, 2020, and I am amazed at how perfect they look and fit. The color match my gums and teeth to a T. I am beyond satisfied with the product and would recommend dental lab direct to anyone. Thank you all so much for this amazing experience.”

James T. / Charlotte, NC

“So glad I found you guys,I used to get the same night guard from my dentist for $600. Keep up the good work!”

Lesley S. / Chico, CA

“I received the partial, thank you so much for the perfect fit, I’m so happy to be able to smile with confidence again. It is very comfortable.”

Jennifer J. / Orlando, FL

“I was a little hesitant to order a partial from you guys, but I am so glad I did. I didn’t expect it to look and feel this good, thank you so much.”

Pattie R. / Grand Rapids, MI

“Dental Lab Direct was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. They certainly know their stuff. Looking forward to receiving my appliance.”

Gina F. / Tempe, AZ

“Thanks for your professional service, My partial fits perfect.”

Mario H. / Evanston, IL

“The hard/soft night guard is very comfortable. I will be ordering from them again.”

Caroline B. / Denver, CO

“I spoke with one of your team members and he assisted me on which partial was best for my circumstance. I was told to order the flexible partial and I love it. “

Steve G. / Tampa, FL

“I wasn’t sure about the whole process but after talking with the representative he explained everything very thoroughly. Taking my own impressions was much easier than expected. My retainers fit perfectly.”

Terri S. / Irvine, CA

“You guys are good! My hard/soft night guard went right in. It’s not bulky like the others I’ve had in the past, and fits very well, thank you.”

Brady C. / Clifton, NJ

“The whole process went so smoothly. I’m so happy with my new smile!”

Thomas H. / Cottonwood, TN

“First, I would like to say I was very hesitant about ordering online. I also chose Dental Lab Direct for one reason, you had a phone number on your website were others only had an email. I can’t believe how well the partial fits and looks great. I really thought I was wasting my money doing this online. You have proven me wrong and I have and will recommend you to everyone. Thank you Dental Lab Direct.”