What is an Essix Appliance?

Clear custom mouth guard being held

After you have fixed the position of your teeth and bite with braces or related orthodontic devices like Invisalign, the next step is wearing a retainer-like an Essix appliance. As anyone who doesn’t wear a retainer can tell you, failing to do so can lead to crooked teeth and a less desirable smile. For this reason, you should choose a retainer that works around your lifestyle.

Retainers ensure that your bone tissue grows to support the new position of your teeth. Every day that you go without wearing a retainer means your teeth will gradually offset, so even missing a day can have a long-term impact on your smile. Retainers are most important to wear during the first few months, and should only be removed when you eat food. After a period of time, dentists may recommend that you only wear your retainer at night.

Because retainers are so important to keeping your smile after all of the work of wearing corrective braces, you should find retainers that work best for you. An Essix appliance also called an Essix retainer, might be just what you’re looking for.

What is an Essix Appliance?

When we generally think of a retainer, we might think of a metal-pronged appliance that sits near the base of the teeth. This is no longer the only type of retainer available on the market. An Essix appliance is a clear, removable plastic retainer that looks a bit like some sports mouthguards or the popular Invisalign braces. Research has shown that these types of braces are just as effective as other types of braces, and may be even more effective due to the fact that people who use them tend to wear them more than alternatives.

Because they are clear, they tend to be less noticeable than alternative retainers on the market today. They are less bulky, making it easier to speak and less likely to irritate your gums, tongue, and lips. For those who are allergic to certain types of metals, Essex appliances offer an easy fix. Best of all, Essix appliances are some of the most affordable options available on the market today.

Essex retainers can also serve as a temporary solution for missing teeth. A clear retainer partial denture can include missing teeth when it is fabricated, helping make sure that teeth don’t misalign after a tooth goes missing.

However, because they are made of plastic, they come with several downsides. They are much harder to fix than other types of retainers, and if they are exposed to heat, they may warp. Like Invisalign braces, you should brush your teeth after every meal and clean them regularly, or they may develop an odor or discoloration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Essix Appliances

Can You Eat with an Essix Retainer?

Essix retainers are removable, and you should remove them before eating or drinking anything other than water. However, unlike permanent retainers, they won’t get food stuck in them. You should clean your teeth after every meal to ensure the lifetime of your Essix retainer is maximized.

How Long Does an Essix Appliance Last?

If Essix appliances are not taken care of, they are prone to break. The most common reason these types of retainers break is improperly removing them from your teeth during the cleaning process. Because these appliances are made of plastic rather than metal, ensure that you handle them with care. Essix retainers generally last anywhere between six months and a few years, depending on how well you take care of them.

Are Essix Retainers Noticeable?

Essix retainers are considerably less noticeable than their counterparts, as they are clear and do not contain metal. However, you will have to remove them whenever you eat.

Do Essix Retainers Cause Cavities?

No, Essix appliances do not cause cavities on their own. However, improper cleaning and dental hygiene can lead to bacterial growth on your retainers, which can accelerate tooth decay. Make sure you brush after every meal.

Buy an Essix Appliance Online

Getting an Essix retainer has never been easier thanks to Dental Lab Direct. Rather than visiting a dentist, you can simply order an impression kit online from us, and a mold will be mailed directly to your doorstep. Follow the instructions included with the kit, and within three weeks a perfect mold of your teeth will be sent directly to your doorstep. This offers an attractive alternative to visiting the dentist and paying a premium, especially if your retainer breaks.

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