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Pay less. Smile more. Professional-grade mouthcare at lab direct pricing.

Whether you’re looking to protect your teeth, add on a few, or enhance your existing smile, Dental Lab Direct is here to help improve your life without having to break the bank.

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A Simple 123 Process

Step 1
Take your impressions

Step 2
Send them in to us

Step 3
 Delivered to your door in about 3 to 4 weeks

We care about what goes into your mouth.

Dental Lab Direct only uses top quality FDA approved materials and products. But we don't stop there. With most of our appliances being completely hypoallergenic, you can rest easy knowing you will not have any allergic reactions due to harmful chemicals often used by other companies.

Reviews mean a lot

We put our hearts into making dental products and rely on fans to help us spread the word. If you like DLD, we would be so grateful if you left a review.

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