Do I Need a Daytime Mouth Guard?

Day Time Mouth Guard in Blue Case

Do I need a daytime mouthguard? Most people are aware of teeth grinding and jaw clenching, or bruxism, as a nighttime affliction that is generally helped by wearing a nighttime mouth guard, or “night guard”. However, it has been found that bruxism is not limited to the night, and can actually affect many during the daytime hours as well. Because of this, many people who experience headaches and jaw aches throughout the day may experience daytime bruxism, or awake bruxism, and would benefit from wearing a daytime mouth guard to help curb the issue.

Do I Need a Daytime Mouth Guard? Considerations You Should Make:

Daytime vs Nighttime Bruxism

While the symptoms of daytime bruxism closely align with nighttime bruxism, the prevalence of daytime bruxism is much lower — 16.5% of the population experiences nighttime bruxism, where only 5.0% was found to have daytime bruxism. Because it is a rarer issue, daytime bruxism can be more overlooked as a diagnosis and thus, less treated than the nighttime variety.

Daytime bruxism has been found to have many of the same triggers as nighttime bruxism, being tied primarily to increased stress and anxiety, but it can also be the result of moments of intense concentration, or even physical issues like the misalignment of the jaw. Sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux issues, and depression can all also lead to grinding teeth, as can the side effects from certain medications, such as specific brands of antidepressants. Overall, teeth grinding is rarely an issue existing by itself, and an additional cause is often the culprit that leads to teeth grinding.

And people who regularly grind their teeth can suffer from more than just headaches and jaw pain — continual bruxism that’s left untreated leads to other serious health issues. For instance, clenching and grinding the teeth can lead to scraping away the teeth’s enamel, exposing weak areas on the teeth below this protective layer that make the teeth more brittle and sensitive. This makes it difficult for individuals to eat, drink, and sometimes breathe and increases the chance for harmful bacterial infections. It can also lead to cracked teeth or crowns, which is both a painful and expensive issue to address.

Guard Against Daytime Teeth Grinding

Much like nighttime bruxism, the best treatment against daytime bruxism is a daytime mouth guard. Understandably, some individuals are hesitant about wearing a mouthguard that is too bulky while trying to go about their day-to-day activities, worried someone will mention their mouthguard while talking and eating.

Of course, manufacturers of mouthguards are people too and are sensitive to the needs of wearers first and foremost. This is why companies like Dental Lab Direct have worked to create thinner, lighter mouthguards for wear during the day. These thinner guards are more flexible and blend in easier with the wearer’s teeth, making it easier to talk while wearing the guard, and more difficult for passersby to notice the guard in someone’s mouth.

Individuals wearing a custom-molded daytime mouth guard from Dental Lab Direct will find that their daytime grinding is reduced as they are more conscience of the issue, and have a comfortable, protective layer guarding the health of their teeth. Custom mouth guards from Dental Lab Direct are crafted to fit each individual’s unique mouth shape and size, from medical grade material that works and feels good, with longevity and durability built-in. Custom mouthguards won’t last forever, and it’s still suggested they be replaced every couple of months to remain hygienic, but a well-made custom-fitted mouthguard can last anywhere from 3–5 years depending on the material and upkeep.

Dental Lab Direct provides impression kits free via mail so individuals can mold and mail in their custom impression without needing to go through a dentist’s office or schedule an appointment, all from the convenience of their home and web browser. Once received, Dental Lab Direct uses its state-of-the-art dental lab to fabricate the unique daytime mouth guard in 3 weeks, which is shipped out to customers’ homes directly.

Address the stress of daytime bruxism with a protective, custom daytime mouth guard from Dental Lab Direct. With a unique, personalized contour built around each individual mold and comfortable materials that are as strong as they are discrete, customers are able to use their mouth guard daily to reduce the tension of teeth grinding, reduce headaches, and feel confident while protecting their smile.

Visit Dental Lab Direct’s website for more details on the different mouthguard types available, or contact a representative for more information today!