What is the Best Price on Partial Dentures?

A old lady showing her teeth dentures

Finding the best price on partial dentures is a top priority for wearers. But in the search for partial dentures that don’t break the bank, some wearers may end up worse for wear.

There are reputable online dental appliance services available — including from Dental Lab Direct — from providers that set out to provide dental appliances for wearers at reasonable rates. But not every service has your best intentions in mind. Some will only sell sub-par appliances, while others promote the at-home practice of creating “DIY dentures”, which will not only function poorly, but could put wearers’ health at risk.

Finding the Best Price on Partial Dentures

Many wearers visit their dentist first, to get fitted for and to order their partial dentures through the practice. What they find, though, is that ordering partial dentures through a dentist can cost quite a bit. In addition to the mark-up placed on the dentures themselves, there are additional surcharges and fees added on the service charges dentists provide when fitting patients for partial dentures.

Thus, wearers search out alternatives for where to purchase reliable partial dentures that are affordable. Online, wearers will find multiple options, but they’re not all equal. Many places will advertise DIY dentures, with instructions on how to assemble dentures at home. It should be noted that this is very different from actual “at-home denture” kits.

Legitimate vs Questionable Denture Sources

At-home denture kits, such as those provide by Dental Lab Direct, provide instructions and kits for wearers to take their own dental impressions at home. This kit is then shipped back to Dental Lab Direct, where the partial denture is crafted of medical grade material in their professional, medical-grade dental lab.

This process varies significantly from the DIY process provided by less reputable sources, where wearers are provided a kit to fully assemble their own dentures. Not only is this practice not recommended, it can lead to serious dental issues that cause more harm to a wearer’s mouth, jaw, and teeth. Homemade dentures end up being made out of subpar, non-medical grade materials; will be ill-fitted to a wearer’s mouth and jaw; and can cause issues for wearers while trying to eat, speak, or smile.

Compare this to the products provided by Dental Lab Direct. The partial dentures created in their dental lab are affordable and made of the same materials used by dentists to create medical appliances. Dental Lab Direct also ensures that their partial dentures are custom-fit to the wearer’s mouth and jaw, based on the provided impression from the at-home impression kit. This helps users avoid unnecessary jaw pain, eat and speak without impediment, and show off their smile with confidence.

Dentist Quality at Affordable Prices: Dental Lab Direct Provides the Best Price on Partial Dentures

Dental Lab Direct provides wearers with quality, medical-grade, hypoallergenic dental appliance products at the best cost-effective prices. This is possible because Dental Lab Direct works with experienced dental professionals while using their own dedicated dental lab to mold and manufacture their dental appliances without the costly overhead of a dedicated dental practice.

Additionally, Dental Lab Direct still provides the customized impressions and individualized dentures that a dentist would, versus the questionable and lower-quality products offered by online retailers looking to defraud wearers without consideration for the wearer’s health or well-being. And Dental Lab Direct is able to provide their custom dental appliance services without patients needing to leave their home or be seen in person! Dental Lab Direct ships their impression kits directly to wearer’s doors with clear, step-by-step instructions. Wearers can conveniently return their impressions via mail for Dental Lab Direct to create the unique mold of wearers’ teeth and bite placement, and Dental Lab Direct sends the completed set of partial dentures or other dental appliances directly to the wearer’s home.

Overall, this makes the entire experience of ordering, sizing, wearing, and using partial dentures easier and more affordable than options provided by dentists, but a much better investment, as it lasts as long, is made with the same FDA approved materials, and costs less upfront.

Dental Lab Direct provides products that are unique and custom-built with individual patient needs in mind. See how Dental Lab Direct can provide the right dental appliance for you by visiting their website, exploring their unique process, and signing up for a free impression kit today!