Know the Difference Between DIY Dentures vs. Ordering Dentures Online

Denture soaked in water

Looking for DIY dentures? Make sure you know what you’re getting before clicking purchase.

The phrase “DIY dentures” is deceptive, as it often refers to two different things that can have dramatically different consequences for your overall dental health.

Some DIY dentures kits mean – literally – making a set of homemade dentures yourself. Dental experts highly advise against purchasing these types of dentures. These sets of false teeth are not designed around your jaw or mouth. At best, these dentures will function poorly, as they are not designed around your face, are generally made of subpar materials, and can even cause more problems to your gums and jaw over time.

When ordering dentures online, it is strongly advisable to make sure you are getting the dentures manufactured by professionals. At-home dentures are not the same as DIY dentures, yet often the two go by the same name. Online denture services should be mailing you a dental impression kit, and making the dentures themselves. The process is affordable, ensures you’re getting the best results, and only takes a few weeks.

If you have been considering DIY dentures, make sure you know what you’re getting. In this blog, we examine everything you need to know about ordering dentures online, and ensuring you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

Ordering Dentures Online? Make Sure You Know What You’re Buying with DIY Dentures

As previously stated, a distinction must be made between DIY dentures and dentures purchased online. One is basically an ill-advised home project, while the other is a convenient service for getting top-quality dentures delivered from the comfort of your own home.

The motivation towards both is often the same. Dental services are expensive, and going to a dentist to fix missing teeth in your smile is costly. In order to keep the bills paid, dentists will often add hefty surcharges to their services.

With cost as the primary motivator, people might buy DIY dentures kits online with the idea that these can be assembled at home. Ordering dentures online doesn’t cost a whole lot more than these kits, do not require any technical expertise, and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for: no more, no less.

Dangers of DIY Homemade Dentures

Unless you are an expert on dentures manufacturing, you should not be building a set of dentures yourself. This is due to a variety of factors:

  • Functionality: While teeth may fall out on their own, they are not independent from the rest of your mouth. Dentures are designed around the alignment of your jaw, and considerations around the shape of your mouth need to be made to avoid jaw pain, as well as speaking and eating properly.
  • Materials: Dentures have come a long way since wooden teeth – they’re made out of high-quality metals and plastics that are designed for long term wear and tear. Homemade dentures are generally made of cheap substitutions that can damage your gums and may be harmful to your health, as they aren’t regulated goods.
  • Look: While dentures serve a practical function for both speech and eating, they also are designed to make you look good and feel comfortable with your teeth. Professional at-home dentures services use the same manufacturers as dentists, ensuring that they neatly imitate your old smile. Not only do they fit properly and last longer, they mirror your mouth to provide an aesthetically pleasing result.

Online Dentures Services with DIY Dentures Pricing at Dental Lab Direct

Before you buy DIY dentures, read the fine print! Are you ordering an at-home service that will send you professionally made dentures, or are you creating your own pair of dentures?

Don’t cut costs to get poor quality dentures that you’ll end up throwing out – go Dental Lab Direct and buy professionally crafted dentures custom made for your mouth.

Getting dentures through Dental Lab Direct is simple – simply order a dental impression kit that will be mailed to your door, follow the instructions to take a impression of your mouth, and send the results back to us. Within a few weeks, you’ll get a set of partial dentures that are perfectly designed around your mouth. These make a great option for replacing existing dentures that might have been damaged.

Ready to learn more? Check out our store and see which options work best for you.