Can You Buy Partial Dentures Online Without Seeing a Dentist?

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One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Can you buy partial dentures online without seeing a dentist?” For many of us, we expect to see a dentist for all our dental needs – after all, they’re experts in their field and are qualified to field these questions.

However, visiting a dentist to get dentures can be expensive, and is not necessary for every case. For those looking to buy Nesbit partial dentures, ordering them online can offer an attractive alternative. This can save time and money, without sacrificing the firm fit required in dentures.

In this blog, we examine whether you need to see a dentist to get dentures, or whether you are a good fit for buying dentures online.

When Should You Visit a Dentist, and When Can You Buy Partial Dentures Online?

For people who need full dentures, a dentist is often the best way to go. These replace all remaining teeth and sit on top of the gums. This option is most common among those who are older than 65. This process typically consists of X-rays, examination of the gums, and identifying alignment between the upper and lower teeth.

However, Nesbit partial dentures are becoming more common among Americans. Diseases like periodontitis are common, and over time can lead to tooth loss. However, this doesn’t tend to affect all your teeth at once – you may only have a few teeth missing.

A Nesbit partial denture allows you to fill the gaps in your smile, making these virtually unnoticeable to others. More, it helps your remaining teeth stay aligned without shifting to fill that void. It has both aesthetic value and benefits the rest of your mouth and jaw.

In short, if you need complete dentures, you should see a dentist. For all other cases, this is not necessary if you have a trusted partner in online dentures. But with so many options available on the market, what red flags should you look for from an online dentures service?

What to Look for in an Online Dentures Service

If you’ve done any research, you may have seen that DIY dentures, or over-the-counter dentures, are available. While these might seem a quick fix to your dental needs, they lack the customization necessary for a good fit in your mouth, and often mask the issues rather than resolving the problem directly.

When you buy dentures online, ensure that you’re getting them custom fit to your mouth, rather than opting for substandard quality. Ideally, you’ll want to wear your dentures all day, only removing them at night to clean them and while sleeping. When dentures don’t fit properly or are uncomfortable, you’re more likely to reflexively remove them when you’re not in the presence of others.

Poor-fitting dentures aren’t only a nuisance – they can cause you to have a lisp, make it difficult to eat, and even hurt your gums. These can ultimately do more harm than good.

The best online dentures service is fast, affordable, and perfectly matches the curvature of your mouth and the shape of your other teeth. DIY dentures may seem like a cheap alternative, but don’t resolve the actual issues – over time, you may end up spending more money this way.

Can You Buy Dentures Online? Yes – But Use Custom Solutions

Buying partial dentures online has never been easier – but before you buy Nesbit partials, make sure that you’ve done your research. You need a partner who specializes in custom-fit dentures that are designed around you.

At Dental Lab Direct, we offer a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution for people who need partial dentures. We follow a simple three-step process:

  • Order an impression kit sent directly to your home.
  • Follow the instructions included in the kit for getting a custom mold of your mouth – this process tends to take only a matter of minutes.
  • Send the impressions back to us. In three weeks or less, custom dentures will be sent to your home.

Whether you need Nesbit partial dentures, mouth guards, night guards, or sleep apnea devices, Dental Lab Direct offers custom solutions that keep our customers smiling and bright. Contact us today to learn more about our process, or order directly from our full catalog.