Are Clip-On Smiles Right for You?

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Clip-on smiles provide an easy, no-fuss method for fixing your smile without costly medical procedures. But are they ideal for what you are looking for?

While permanent veneers offer a permanent solution to cosmetic dental issues, they aren’t suitable for everyone. Clip-on smiles are designed with flexibility in mind – they can be inserted and removed whenever you want. While they require more cleaning and maintenance, they are extremely cost-effective and a viable option for many people.

Are clip-on smiles the right option for you? In this blog, we compare clip-on smiles to permanent veneers, outline some basic information, and help you make an informed decision about how you want your smile to look.

Clip-On Smiles vs. Permanent Veneers

Do you only want your teeth to look perfect some of the time, or are you looking for a permanent fix? This is one of the primary questions that guide the decision between getting clip-on smiles versus permanent veneers. However, it is not the only guiding principle behind this decision.

Clip-on smiles are generally considered a temporary solution to getting the perfect smile. With a lifespan of between 3-5 years with good maintenance, they will last you a long time when properly taken care of. Their price point is significantly lower than permanent veneers – for those who are considering a larger investment in the future, clip-on smiles can serve as a good alternative for the short-term, or for those who may only want to wear them occasionally.

The main issue with clip-on smiles comes from the fact that they are not built out of the same materials as permanent veneers. They have to be removed when not in use and must be cleaned every night. They also are incompatible with hot drinks and hard foods – they will have to be removed after eating. While this type of veneer can mask dental irregularities, it can’t fix them – they can only disguise gaps, cracked, chipped, and irregular teeth without addressing the main issue.

Permanent veneers are permanently fixed to your teeth. They last anywhere between 10 to 15 years, are stain-resistant, and are designed to fit seamlessly in with your existing teeth. They can be treated the same way as regular teeth thanks to their high durability.

Unfortunately, permanent veneers are very expensive. While our clip-on smiles start at $429.00 for an entire set, veneers generally start at $1,000 per tooth. Depending on the amount of work required to fix your smile, getting permanent veneers can be an extremely costly endeavor. More, once they have been installed, there is no going back.

While permanent veneers are an excellent option for those who can afford them, the price range makes it a far less feasible option for many people. For those looking for more affordable options, clip-on smiles can’t be beaten.

Getting to Know Clip-On Smiles


Clip-on smiles resemble a tray of teeth that form an outer layer around your existing teeth. They do not have gaps between each tooth, which can be a deciding factor for people interested in wearing them – unlike permanent veneers, they are not completely identical to existing teeth. However, in high-quality clip-on smiles, these dissimilarities can only be seen with extremely close inspection – most people will not be able to tell that you are wearing veneers.

Options are available related to how bright you want the clip-on smiles to be. Our clip-on veneers come in four different shades: Hollywood white, light, medium, and dark. Clip-on veneers are designed to sit right underneath your gumline without biting into it.

Snap-on veneers are designed to resist stains and discoloration but should be given a thorough cleaning at least once a month to help preserve their color.

Lifetime and Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, clip-on veneers should last around 3-5 years before requiring a replacement. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to do.

Snap-on smiles should be cleaned at least once every evening after they have been removed from your mouth. This can be done with water and mild soap – taking a soft brush, simply brush the interior and exterior of the veneers and place them back into the container they come with. It is recommended that you clean them before putting them back into your mouth as well. While special cleaning products specifically designed for these veneers exist, they are not required. Do not use toothpaste or mouthwash to clean your veneers.

These types of veneers are sensitive to heat – they should not be worn while consuming hot beverages, and should not be dried with a hair dryer, or they may warp. While you can eat soft foods like yogurt while wearing your veneers, it is not advisable to eat while wearing them, as they can fracture or break your clip-on smile.

At least once a month, these veneers should be cleaned in soapy water or denture cleaner to reduce discoloration and possible odor.


Clip-on smiles get their name from how they are attached to your teeth – they simply snap into place. Unlike clear braces that require forms attached to your teeth to hold them into place, they are designed simply around your existing teeth.

To put them into your mouth, use both hands and align them with your existing teeth. Using a mirror can be particularly helpful at first. After they have set into place, run your teeth over the surface to ensure complete coverage over your teeth. They should also be removed using both hands.

Do not use excessive force when putting in your clip-on smile. Although these are made from durable materials, they are not as strong as enamel and may break if improperly handled.

Clip-On Smiles Delivered to Your Doorstep

Permanent veneers require a dentist in order for them to be placed into your mouth. This can result in hefty charges on top of the veneer itself. Clip-on smiles, by contrast, can be purchased from the comfort of your own home, but some caution should be taken before ordering online.

Some services, like DIY veneers, require you to build the veneers yourself. These are not customized around your teeth, and while these promise a custom fit, can bite into your gums and damage your teeth. These products are not regulated and should be avoided.

At Dental Lab Direct, we cut out the middle man and provide a truly custom fit around your teeth. Simply order an impression kit, and it will be mailed to your home. Taking an impression typically takes no longer than 30 minutes. After the impression has been taken, send them back to us, and within 3 weeks a perfect match of your teeth will arrive on your doorstep.

Are you ready to see the Dental Lab Direct difference? Contact us today, or visit our shop to browse our selection of offerings.