Why Wearing Your Retainer After an Orthodontic Treatment is Important?

Why Wearing Your Retainer After an Orthodontic Treatment Or Braces is Important?

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 It’s a big day, and your braces are finally coming off! Does that mean that you’re done? No. Your journey not stop here.

Your orthodontic specialist may recommend that you wear retainers after your braces have been removed, and they will always be very strict about it. Retainers are a crucial part of holding your teeth straight after your braces. After treatment they must be worn frequently to keep your teeth in their correct, new position while your gums, ligaments and bones change.

What is a retainer?   

A retainer is a lightweight, custom-fit device that supports the new position of your teeth after your braces have been removed. There are a few different choices when it comes to dental retainers that can have different benefits depending on your lifestyle. There are two types of brace retainers: Fixed and Removable. Choosing the type usually involves the clinical needs of the individual case, the wishes of the patient and the overall compliance that the dentist and the patient should anticipate from the maintenance of the retainer.


Fixed Retainers   

Fixed retainers are devices that can not be removed by the patient and are permanently fixed to the back of the teeth. They are also made of wires that fit behind the teeth and are fixed in place. Because these are fixed and permanent, you don’t need to think about having to remove them when you eat or brush your teeth. This can help take your mind off the use of the retainer, and the other advantage is that the wires are not visible, which ensures that you don’t need to think about it looking close to your braces.


Removable Retainers   

The removable type of retainer is typically a combination of a wire going across the front of the lower or upper front teeth fixed in place with a combination of acrylic material and hooks placed in and around the back teeth to secure the retainer in place. DLD’s clear orthodontic retainers are crystal clear and made of a durable medical grade thermoplastic material. Our clear retainers are virtually invisible, which means you can wear them anytime, day or night.

These retainers are made of special plastic and are made of mold taken from your teeth. They’re built to be a snug fit and keep your teeth just where they need to be. These retainers, which cover all your teeth, are easy to remove and use. But care must be taken to ensure they are used every night, or their effects will not be visible and your teeth will gradually become misaligned again.


Why should you wear a retainer after braces?   

Simply put, the intention of a retainer is to ensure that the positive outcomes you have gained from your treatment with braces do not gradually diminish over time. The aim of the braces is to physically pull or move your teeth to ensure that they are properly aligned. It requires a thorough examination before the braces are worn to ensure that the correct force at the appropriate angle and position is applied to the teeth. This ensures proper alignment and ensures that the braces are successful. Bones and ligaments keep teeth in place, so they can be harder to move than it sounds, hence the importance of the mechanical forces on your brace teeth. That is what creates the discomfort that often comes with getting braces added to your teeth when you start the treatment for the first time. And this is because the alignment of your teeth has not settled, because your orthodontic surgery has caused your teeth to move all the time, and the teeth have not yet had a chance to settle in their new place.

That is where the use of a quality retainer can be important for maintaining the alignment of your teeth and stabilizing the excellent results that have been obtained by your orthodontic surgeon and the braces. Without a brace, the teeth may gradually return to their original places, and the hard work you put in on wearing the braces will be lost. That’s why it’s important to wear retainers. It helps to keep the teeth aligned after the braces are removed so that the positive effects can be permanent, not temporary.


What happens if you don’t wear your retainer?   

When you don’t wear your retainer, you run the risk of changing your teeth back to their original location. The ligaments around your teeth have memory, and the more your teeth rotated, the more likely they will move back without proper retention. The most important thing is to wear your braces for the first 6 months after orthodontic surgery. You’ll have a great chance of completely filling in the areas in which the tooth was relocated. It’s recommended that you start wearing your retainers after this period, unless your dentist or orthodontist advises you otherwise. At the very least, every few days you can try to make sure that your teeth do do not fit too tightly in your retainer, which may signify any drifting. A permanent metal wire split between your front teeth will remove the need for the adjustable retainer, and help keep your teeth straightened if you are prone to non-compliance.  

Most patients invest a significant amount of money in an orthodontic treatment. The use of retainers after braces is an necessary aspect of the procedure, and is meant to ensure healthy and clear smiles for a lifetime. 

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