Low Price Dentures Shouldn’t Compromise on Quality

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Finding the right dentures is an investment in your physical and mental well-being. Quality dentures improve your lifestyle and health by allowing you to eat and talk with confidence. Plus, dentures enhance your smile, filling in gaps with natural-looking, unobtrusive replacement teeth.

But quality dentures often end up breaking the bank. After all, you’re paying for a custom dental appliance that might last for decades. Despite the correlation between quality and price, more denture manufacturing companies are finding a healthy middle-ground, providing high-end appliances at affordable prices. Here’s our guide on how to find high-quality dentures that fit into your budget.

What are Dentures? How Do I Pick the Right Kind?

Dentures are tooth-replacement appliances designed to sit inside the mouth and fill any gaps left from tooth loss. Dentures are a non-invasive solution to improve eating, speech, and overall health. Additionally, dentures prevent other unwanted side-effects from tooth loss including facial collapse and altered facial shape due to bone loss. Quality dentures should be to fit seamlessly into your mouth, providing constant comfort and support.

Depending on your tooth-replacement needs, there are several different varieties of dentures to choose from.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed full dentures and fixed partial dentures replace either an entire row of teeth or a few missing teeth, by attaching to an implant secured in the jaw bone. Unlike some implant-retained dentures, fixed dentures can only be removed by your dentist. Fixed dentures require a more invasive installation procedure, but are extremely low-maintenance once installed, and can be cared for like natural teeth.

Removable Full Dentures

Full dentures are designed to replace an entire row of teeth. Full dentures typically fit into the mouth by hugging the gumline and are often secured into place using denture glue. In some cases, upper sets of full dentures may cover the palate as well as the gums, which may be uncomfortable for some individuals.

Some removable full dentures, or “implant-retained” dentures, are secured to a metal implant post that was surgically attached to the jaw bone. These types of dentures are similar to fixed dentures but can be snapped in and out of the mouth and don’t cover the palate, allowing for more comfort and stability.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are often the most practical and affordable solution for individuals missing only a few teeth. Made from a flexible resin material, these dentures snap into the mouth by attaching to neighboring teeth and filling gaps with color-matched tooth replacements. Removable partial dentures are comfortable to wear and easy to remove and clean. Although many patients prefer to use removable partial dentures as a permanent solution, they are also a great intermediary solution for folks waiting for dental implants to heal.

Determining If Your Dentures are High-Quality: What to Avoid

Selecting high-quality dentures might feel like a daunting process. With so many companies touting high-quality appliances, how do you choose the best one? Here are a few red flags to look for during your selection process.

Poor Fit

If your dentures don’t fit like a glove, you need to rethink your decision and find a more comfortable solution. Dentures will naturally alter over time and often need to be readjusted, so it’s an ominous start if your dentures are loose or ill-fitting from day one.

Poorly fitting dentures may lead to further complications with your health. A bad fit may result in issues with tooth alignment and may cause jaw pain and discomfort while trying to eat. Plus, ill-fitting dentures pose a greater risk of becoming dislodged while eating or talking, which is inconvenient and embarrassing.

Low-Quality Materials

You need to be careful with the materials you choose to put in your mouth. Some cheap plastic-based materials may lead to gum inflammation or even infection if worn for a long period of time. Additionally, low-quality materials tend to become cracked and damaged more quickly. Cheap dentures may actually end up being more expensive over time if you need to frequently order replacements.

Awkward Appearance

Depending on the proportions of the appliance, some dentures may look awkward or noticeably different from neighboring teeth. Well-designed dentures should match the tooth-to-gum ratio as well as the tooth color. Dentures that are too bright white or have an off-kilter tooth-to-gum ratio are immediately recognizable as false teeth and may cause increased self-consciousness in social settings.

What to Look for in a High-Quality Appliance

High-quality dentures can be a life-changing influence on your health. The goal of dentures is to provide stability and functionality while looking like natural teeth. High-quality dentures encourage nutrition by improving chewing capability, improve facial structure, and improve the clarity of speech.

Seamless Fit

Dentures should be like your favorite sneakers: comfortable, supportive, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. A seamless fit guarantees long-term comfort and frequent use. Dentures should look and act like natural teeth! When dentures fit properly, chewing is easier and your body is able to extract more nutrients from your food. Additionally, a snug fit eliminates any anxiety about dentures spontaneously becoming dislodged or popping out of the mouth. Remember, well-designed dentures should fit securely in your mouth and encourage a healthy range of motion in your jaw and neck. Denture design needs to take into consideration the biomechanics of the head and neck as well as the placement of the teeth.

Long-Lasting Design

Quality materials stand the test of time. Dentures made from FDA-approved acrylic materials are built to last, and with proper care can withstand years of consistent use. Proper at-home care ensures your dentures will stay clean and functional for years. Dentures should be brushed daily with a special denture cleaner and should be stored in a secure place away from pets and children.

Natural Look

Custom-made dentures should be virtually invisible to the uninformed eye. Remember, the goal of effective dentures is to make it seem like you’re not wearing dentures! Natural-looking dentures are made to match tooth color, tooth shape, and tooth-to-gum ratio, making them a seamless addition to your mouth. Denture design entails artistry as well as science. Well-made dentures are color-matched to your natural teeth, blending into your smile for enhanced confidence.

Low Price Doesn’t Impact High Quality at Dental Lab Direct

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