Grinding Your Teeth? Try a Mouth Guard

If you’re waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and tight neck, you may be suffering from “bruxism” (tooth grinding) while you sleep. According to the New York Times “typically 10% to 16% of adults regularly suffer from sleep bruxism. But this has been no typical year: Pandemic-related stressors are associated with an uptick in not just tooth grinding and jaw clenching but also cracked teeth and other bruxism-associated dental problems.”

Although bruxism is a common condition, it can be difficult to identify. Since sleeping patients are unaware they are grinding or clenching their teeth, they may continue to engage in this behavior for years without a proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, when left unchecked bruxism can result in serious complications such as tooth damage and even tooth loss.

If you suspect you may be suffering from sleep bruxism, it’s time to prioritize your dental health. One of the most effective ways to treat bruxism is by wearing a night guard while sleeping. These simple appliances fit over teeth to provide a cushion and reduce pressure from chronic clenching.

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Know Your Options for Missing Teeth

A confident smile helps you feel and look your best. While gaps in your smile are often a cause for insecurity and shyness, missing teeth can also be detrimental to your overall dental health. When left untreated, gaps in your smile place more pressure on existing teeth and may lead to more serious complications down the road.

Luckily, with advances in modern dentistry, there are many options to address missing teeth. Tooth replacement choices like dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants range in cost, durability, and permanence. The more you know about your options for replacing missing teeth, the better equipped you’ll be to make a decision that supports your future health.

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Are DIY Denture Repair Kits Safe?

Let’s face it: dentures are expensive, and when your dentures are damaged or broken, using a DIY repair kit can often seem like the easiest, most cost-effective solution.

But are denture repair kits safe or effective?

DIY denture repair kits aren’t regulated, meaning that while hundreds of options are available at low cost, there’s no telling what is actually included in a kit. More, the practice of fixing dentures without professionals can lead to reduced functionality.

The biggest threat comes from the introduction of chemicals that are not intended for oral use.

In this blog, we answer once and for all whether DIY denture repair kits are safe for use, and more importantly, share alternatives that alleviate the cost of getting a new pair of dentures.

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Know the Difference Between DIY Dentures vs. Ordering Dentures Online

Looking for DIY dentures? Make sure you know what you’re getting before clicking purchase.

The phrase “DIY dentures” is deceptive, as it often refers to two different things that can have dramatically different consequences for your overall dental health.

Some DIY dentures kits mean – literally – making a set of homemade dentures yourself. Dental experts highly advise against purchasing these types of dentures. These sets of false teeth are not designed around your jaw or mouth. At best, these dentures will function poorly, as they are not designed around your face, are generally made of subpar materials, and can even cause more problems to your gums and jaw over time.

When ordering dentures online, it is strongly advisable to make sure you are getting the dentures manufactured by professionals. At-home dentures are not the same as DIY dentures, yet often the two go by the same name. Online denture services should be mailing you a dental impression kit, and making the dentures themselves. The process is affordable, ensures you’re getting the best results, and only takes a few weeks.

If you have been considering DIY dentures, make sure you know what you’re getting. In this blog, we examine everything you need to know about ordering dentures online, and ensuring you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

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