What are partial dentures?

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Commonly known as false teeth, upper and/or lower dentures, are made in such a way so as to fill the space or gaps created by missing teeth so that you can be carefree when you flash your brilliant smile. Partial dentures are usually made of gum-colored bases that hold replacement teeth that attach to the adjoining natural teeth by way of clasps, also called precision attachments.

Additionally, partial dentures can also be taken off or removed whenever you want. What’s more, this simple contraption can help you feel more confident about yourself and your smile and can also help you get over your self-consciousness if you are missing a tooth or two, or even a few.

The base of the dental prosthetic includes a framework that is made from either a low-irritant metal, such as titanium or cobalt-chromium or a metal-free alternative, such as a high-performance polymer, like acrylic. It is recommended that you weigh the pros and cons of each kind of partial denture with your dentist to determine which one is right for you.

Given below are the two options you might want to check out if you are mulling over or considering wearing partial dentures to enhance your smile:

Partial Dentures with a Metal Framework

A set of partial dentures with a metal frame is usually designed to have clasps that can be attached or snapped on to your real or natural teeth, thus keeping the partial dentures stable and fixed in place, ultimately allowing and aiding you in feeling more confident and comfortable in your skin, so that you can smile without a care in the world. However, it is only natural and to be expected that there might be a slight amount of movement in your partial dentures despite being clasped into place, and even after your bone tissue and your gums have had the time to get used to them, so, this is not something you should worry about too much. It is still advised and recommended that you bring it to the attention of your dentist if it is bothering you or causing you any kind of discomfort or interfering with or even hindering your ability to carry out normal oral functions like eating or speaking.

Removable Partial Dentures Made of Acrylic

Nowadays, many partial dentures are made almost entirely of acrylic. However, just like the partial dentures with the metal frames, these acrylic partial dentures that are removable, also have wire clasps that are designed to be attached or snapped on to any or all of your remaining teeth. Acrylic partial dentures are very affordable and economical and are generally considered to be the cost-effective alternative to the otherwise more expensive partial dentures with metal frames. Another thing to know and point to take into account is that these acrylics based removable partial dentures can also be used as transitional, interim or temporary dentures if you are planning to undergo additional cosmetic dental treatments or get a prosthetic, such as an implant, for instance, in the future. You also have the option of choosing flexible dentures, which is something your dentist will be better able to brief or inform you about.


How to Go About Cleaning Your Set of Partial Dentures Properly?

It is needless to say that it is extremely important that you take the best care of your set of partial dentures to ensure that they stay fresh and clean in your mouth and so that they cause you no discomfort. It is imperative that you adopt a strict regimen that involves cleaning your dentures daily, in fact, ideally, after every meal, to make sure they always look their best. This will also help in prolonging their shelf life and reduce damage from regular wear and tear. Furthermore, it is highly advised that you take to removing any tough stains on your prosthetic pearly whites by soaking them in a strong and effective cleaning solution for dentures, such as Poligrip 3 Minute Daily Cleanser or Poligrip Overnight Whitening Daily Cleanser, and then clean your dentures carefully by following the directions given on the pack. You must also brush your dentures regularly by using the cleaning solution for dentures and a special brush with soft bristles, which will help in making sure that you give your dentures a thorough cleaning and will also help you dislodge and get rid of any remaining debris or food particles. And for the last and final step, you must be sure to rinse your dentures properly and meticulously under running water so as to wash off any of the cleaning solutions that might remain anywhere on the surface of your set of partial dentures, before you clasp them onto your teeth and wear them again so that they feel fresh, clean and comfortable in your mouth.


Fitting Procedure

To fit a Removable Partial Denture, your dentist will first take multiple impressions of your mouth so as to be able to make a model of your teeth. This model will then be used to design a Removable Partial Denture that is customized to fit the shape of your mouth. At first, your dentist may ask you to wear your partial dentures all the time so that you can identify and report any discomfort that you may feel while wearing them. After the problem areas have been taken care of and all any necessary adjustments have been made, you are free to remove the partial dentures at night before you sleep.

Since the shape of your mouth changes with the passage of time, you may find your dentures may coming loose and in sore need of some refitting. When this happens, it is imperative that you contact your dentist so that they might take the necessary measures to ensure that it fits perfectly in your mouth.

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