Waiting For Dental Implants? Consider Transitional Appliances

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Dental implants are one of the most effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing methods for replacing missing teeth. Secured into the jawbone for lifelong stability, dental implants provide a naturalistic look that can withstand regular eating, talking and oral care.

Because dental implants are installed into the jaw bone through oral surgery, implants take longer to acquire than other tooth replacement options. For many patients waiting for the gums and jaw bone to heal after surgery feels endless, especially while still contending with missing teeth. Luckily, using a transitional appliance is a cost-effective way to improve your smile and gain back confidence while you wait for your implant.

How Long Does It Take Waiting For Dental Implants?

Regarded as the most durable alternative for missing teeth, dental implants look and act like natural teeth. However, it may take time before you are able to get dental implants in your mouth.


The implant process begins with an assessment from a dental professional, determining whether or not your jaw bone is suitable for implant installation. Once you’ve been cleared to get an implant, you’ll have your initial implant surgery, where a metal post is secured into the jaw bone. This post acts as a base for the crown and mimics the function of dental roots.


The healing process for a dental implant can take up to six months. Since the jaw bone is altered to secure the post, it’s necessary to wait for the bone to heal sufficiently before installing the crown. This allows the underlying bone to gain back strength, so frequent disturbance from chewing or talking doesn’t displace the implant.

Crown Placement

Once the bone and gums are healed, the abutment and crown are placed on the implant. The abutment attaches the post to the crown, serving as an anchor for the crown. The crown is made to look highly realistic, mimicking the color and texture of neighboring teeth. The goal is for the dental implant to blend into the mouth seamlessly.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Implant?

With all the hassle of oral surgery, you may be wondering why implants are such a popular choice for tooth replacement. The answer boils down to longevity, convenience, and aesthetics.

Long-Lasting Results

Dental implants are made to last. A successful implant should last indefinitely, giving you a hassle-free result for years to come. Implants are a big commitment, and there’s no going back once you’ve started the implant process. The advantage of this is that dental implants never need to be replaced, and are an investment for the rest of your life.

A High Success Rate

In general, dental implants are regarded as a highly successful option for tooth replacement. Unlike temporary solutions, which need to be replaced more frequently, implants don’t need much maintenance. They are designed to look and act like natural teeth, making them easier to adapt to in the long term.

Protects the Jaw Bone

Many people don’t realize that missing teeth may actually lead to damage to the jaw bone. Bone resorption is a condition where the jaw bone shrinks due to lack of use in areas with missing teeth. This leads to structural complications and affects the integrity of the facial structure. People who suffer jaw bone loss may appear sunken or hollow-cheeked.

Highly Realistic

Dental implants aren’t just low-maintenance, they provide realistic results by looking and acting like natural teeth. With implants, you never have to worry about what you eat, take out an appliance for cleaning, or worry that an appliance will become displaced during a conversation. The goal is to provide you with a more confident smile, knowing your teeth will look healthy and feel good.

Why Invest in a Temporary Appliance?

Investing in a temporary appliance gives you the confidence you need to live your life to the fullest while you wait for the implant process to be complete. Since the healing period from your initial oral surgery may take up to six months, it’s helpful and practical to adopt a temporary solution. Temporary appliances fill the gaps in your smile, providing stability for neighboring teeth, and making eating and talking more comfortable. Custom-made temporary appliances fit seamlessly into your mouth, providing an inconspicuous solution to missing teeth.

Essix Retainers

Essix retainers are made from a clear plastic material and are built to fit over the teeth like a bite guard. Clear plastic fits around the remaining teeth and an artificial tooth fills in the gap where your missing tooth should be. Since they fit into the mouth like a bite guard, Essix retainers may feel more intrusive than other temporary appliances. The benefit of their design is that Essix retainers keep teeth in place and provide more consistent support and protection for remaining teeth.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge fits into the mouth at the site of the missing tooth and uses the neighboring teeth as anchor points. The bridge literally “bridges” the gap between teeth, filling in the empty space with an artificial tooth. Dental bridges are typically made from acrylic or porcelain and are bonded to the neighboring teeth to provide stability. Bridges are an effective solution for patients who are missing one or two teeth with neighboring teeth still intact. Bridges provide a semi-permanent solution that’s more stable than retainers, but not as stable as dental implants.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a popular solution for temporary tooth replacement. Made out of soft and flexible acrylic, partial dentures fit into the mouth around healthy teeth, filling in gaps where missing teeth should be. The base of partial dentures is made to mimic the color of the gums and attaches to healthy teeth with metal clasps or natural-looking acrylic components. The tooth replacements are made to realistically match your natural teeth.

Partial dentures are typically comfortable to wear and are relatively durable. It may take some time to get used to wearing a partial denture, but these devices provide quick improvements when eating and talking.

Caring for Your Temporary Appliance

While you wait for your implant to arrive, it’s important to take proper care of your temporary appliance.

  • Use a denture cleaner: many kinds of toothpaste are too harsh for partial dentures or Essix retainers. Invest in a denture cleaner to keep your appliances clean.
  • Clean regularly: prevent bacterial buildup by cleaning your devices regularly.
  • Store in a safe place: keep temporary appliances safe from pets and children and store them in a safe, dry place.

Ordering a Temporary Appliance from Dental Lab Direct

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