Know the Benefits of Wearing Retainers

Nothing is more satisfying than removing your dental braces after weeks of suffering and discomfort.

Braces produce a lovely smile, but dental retainers keep it that way consistently while promoting better oral care even after the braces are removed.

But are the retainers for teeth worth using? Our blog will help dispel those doubts by explaining retainers, their purpose, and their advantages.

What Are Retainers & Why You Should Wear Them?

Retainers are unique devices that help keep your teeth in place after orthodontic treatment.

Nothing can stop your teeth from returning to their original position after removing braces. Wearing a dental retainer helps keep your teeth in their correct place.

As a result, wearing the retainer overnight (if not for long) will help keep the teeth straight.

Many types of retainers fulfill different functions. Still, the most adequate and widely used orthodox retainers are as follows:

Clear Orthodontic Retainer

Clear retainers, also known as Essix retainers, are constructed of high-quality white plastic. Because they are transparent, many people prefer clear retainers. As a result, they are less obvious – they are similar to Invisalign devices.

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Hawley Orthodontic Retainer 

Hawley retainers are traditional retainers made of plastic or acrylic and wire that are molded to fit the shape of your mouth. Hawley retainers have the benefit of being both long-lasting and very effective.

There are permanent retainers for teeth as well. However, the retainers stated above are for temporary usage and are simple to put on and take off. As a result, the majority of individuals prefer Clear and Hawley Retainers.

Know the Benefits of Wearing Retainers

5 Benefits Of Wearing Retainers

Retainers safeguard your teeth and help maintain your beautiful aligned smile. Retainers for teeth add much more than just alignment, So let’s look at the five additional benefits of retainers:

  1. Retaining That Beautiful Smile

The objective of retainers is to maintain the structure of your teeth for the entirety of your life. The teeth may revert to their crooked condition after they have been straightened. Wearing retainers will avoid the phenomenon known as “natural physiological drift,” which is frequent in youngsters.

  1. Helps with oral hygiene

Grooves and crevices in crooked teeth store germs and food debris. It would help if you had retainers to straighten your teeth for health reasons since crooked teeth can cause infections, cavities, and chronic difficulties.

  1. Help to stop teeth clenching

After you remove your braces or stop using Aligners, your mouth will feel different. As they adjust to the new sensations, some people clench their jaws. Retainers will aid in the prevention of clenching, allowing you to avoid issues such as severe headaches and teeth grinding.

  1. Helps with Speech Impediments

Because of the positioning of their teeth, certain people may have difficulty speaking certain words. A retainer can assist in appropriately formatting words from the mouth correctly. Some children also wear retainers to aid their speeches while having difficulty speaking clearly.

  1. Accommodate the wisdom teeth

Both teens and preteens are likely to erupt wisdom teeth, so they must wear retainers during this time. By wearing a retainer, the teeth will not crowd or shift.

Conclusion: Get Your Custom Fit Dental Retainers from Dental Lab Direct

Although retainers are required following orthodontic treatment, choosing high quality is vital simply because you will eventually utilize it in the mouth.

To avoid any risks to your oral and general health, go to Dental Lab Direct and buy the highest quality material-built dental appliances. They will provide a personalized impression kit for precise measurements to make the equipment a perfect fit.