Can You Add Teeth to a Flexible Denture?

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A missing tooth no longer poses the same problem it did in the past thanks to a variety of cosmetic alternatives for teeth. Between prosthetics, traditional dentures, flexible partial dentures, and more, you have more choices than ever to get back your perfect smile. However, depending on the underlying cause of your missing teeth, some of these options are better than others.

Flexible partial dentures have become a popular choice for those with at least one missing tooth thanks to their comfortable fit and ease of use. But if you are likely to lose more teeth in the near future, they may not be the best option available, costing you more money over time. In this blog, we answer the question “Can you add teeth to a flexible denture?” and outline options that are available for those looking for comfortable alternatives to missing teeth.

Can You Add Teeth to a Flexible Partial Denture?

While flexible partials offer enhanced comfort and an excellent fit, it is more difficult to add additional teeth to them than cast metal dentures. Cast metal dentures are less comfortable, but tend to be stronger and more flexible to change than acrylic partial dentures. Most dentists do not recommend adding teeth to flexible partial dentures and instead opt for a replacement.

This is because of two primary factors: the position of other remaining teeth in your mouth, and the condition of the remaining teeth in your mouth.

Flexible partial dentures work best when two or more teeth are missing in the same area of the mouth. They form a bridge between teeth that ensures the remaining teeth don’t become misaligned and fill the empty space where your teeth once were. If you’re missing many teeth, a flexible partial denture may not be the best option for you.

Because the support of a flexible partial denture is based on your remaining teeth, they’re also likely to be less effective if you will be losing more teeth in the immediate future. The flexibility comes from the material that they are made out of, so to get the best results, your remaining teeth should remain in place during the duration that you wear them.  

For this reason, you should carefully consider whether flexible partial dentures are the right choice for the long run. For a single missing tooth or several missing teeth that are unrelated to underlying diseases, flexible partial dentures are a fantastic option. However, for those with gum disease that might progressively take away other teeth in your mouth, other options with greater customizability may be ideal.

Ordering dentures online through a service like Dental Lab Direct can help ensure you get the best price for flexible partial dentures. However, if you expect to lose teeth, consider options like acrylic partial dentures or clear Essix retainers. These have enhanced customizability that may be better options for your smile.

Options When You May Lose More Teeth in the Future

Provided that you take care to clean and maintain your dentures, they can last for many years without requiring a replacement. However, the functionality of your dentures also depends on how well you are maintaining your existing teeth.

If you are only missing one tooth, a Nesbit flexible partial is your best option. These are some of the smallest dentures available and are some of the most affordable options. Because they use less plastic than flexible partial dentures, they will impact your speech and eating the least and will be the least noticeable option.

If you anticipate losing more teeth in the future, consider Hawley dentures. While they are made of metal and are less comfortable than flexible partial dentures, Hawley dentures can be customized more easily to add in new teeth as they are lost. They also come with support built into their metal design, meaning that they will not lose functionality over time with more missing teeth.

Dental technology has evolved considerably over the past few decades, meaning many options are available for missing teeth. If you are missing several teeth in the same part of your mouth and don’t anticipate losing anymore, flexible partial dentures are a solid option.

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