Are DIY Dentures Safe?

DIY Denture in white background

In a time when DIY projects are flourishing on social media, it’s tempting to turn anything into a do-it-yourself challenge. After all, DIY projects claim to save money and often yield satisfying results that are equivalent to store-bought counterparts. But DIY projects have risks and limitations.

When it comes to dental appliances, it is not safe to try DIY fabrication methods at home. Although it may seem tempting to save the trip to the dentist’s office and save some money, making your own dentures may end up costing you more money in the long run due to dental complications from poor-quality materials. DIY dentures are not recommended for several reasons, including aesthetic considerations, material quality, and long-term functionality.

DIY Dentures Don’t Look as Realistic

Dentures are designed to provide the necessary functionality for eating and talking, and also to enhance your smile. After all, part of the appeal of dentures is restoring an even, natural smile and boosting your confidence. You want your dentures to look, and feel, great.

Because DIY dentures are not made by a professional, they don’t meet the same standards as appliances manufactured by experts. DIY dentures often succumb to fit issues, color matching issues, or incorrect tooth-to-gum proportions. Crooked or disproportioned dentures draw attention to your dental appliance and defeat the purpose of subtle smile improvement.

Well-designed dentures not only fill the gaps in your smile, but they also fit seamlessly into your mouth and appear to be natural teeth. Fabricating high-quality dentures takes skill and artistry in addition to precision and should only be attempted by a professional.

DIY Dentures Aren’t Made from High-Quality Materials

Cheap plastics and toxic glues are just some of the drawbacks to DIY dentures. Since DIY appliances are made from ready-to-use materials, they tend to be flimsy and quickly show signs of wear and tear. Dentures made from cheap materials also make it difficult to eat normally, since they are prone to damage from hard or sticky foods.

Plus, ill-fitting dentures may irritate the gums or disrupt neighboring teeth. Cheap plastics and non-FDA-approved materials often inflame gum tissue and can cause bleeding. If left untreated inflammation caused by cheap materials may lead to infection down the line.

DIY Dentures Don’t Offer Long-Term Functionality  

Finally, DIY dentures are a bad investment when it comes to long-term functionality. Professionally fabricated dentures don’t just replace missing teeth—they take into consideration the alignment and geometry of your jaw for seamless functionality without discomfort.

Since DIY dentures aren’t made with the expertise of a professional dentist, they are prone to fit and alignment issues. Dentures that don’t align with your jaw cause muscle pain, tenderness, and other symptoms of TMJ. Dentures that don’t fit correctly pose a higher risk of becoming spontaneously dislodged during conversation or when eating. Apart from being inconvenient, ill-fitting dentures contribute to self-consciousness in social situations.

What about a DIY Denture Repair Kit?

Don’t reach for the denture repair kit. If your dentures have become cracked, damaged, or no longer fit properly, immediately seek help from a professional. Dentures are meant to be comfortable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Attempting to repair your own dentures will only lead to slap-dash repair jobs and contribute to existing issues with quality and fit.

It’s also a bad idea to use household tools for denture repair. Resist the temptation to patch up a cracked area with super glue. Unlike dental glue which is specifically formulated and tested for safety, super glue and other household adhesives are incredibly toxic and should not be placed into the mouth. Attempting at-home repairs may further damage your dentures and render your appliances irreparable professional help.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Although DIY dentures are not recommended as a tooth replacement solution, you can still obtain a high-quality appliance without visiting the dentist’s office. Online denture manufacturing companies offer the convenience of an at-home process, with the guarantee of high-quality professionally manufactured dental appliances delivered to your door.

At Dental Lab Direct we make it easy for you to find high-quality dentures at a price you can afford. Our three-step ordering process is simple and user-friendly. Once you receive our impression kit in the mail, simply make impressions of your teeth and mail the kit back to us! Then, you can expect your custom dental appliance delivered to your door in a matter of weeks. Dental Lab Direct uses FDA-approved materials and manufacturing practices to ensure you have a confident, and healthy, smile.