All You Need to Know About Hawley Retainer: Cost, Cleaning & Alternatives

Free from your braces? We know you fought every day with discomfort and won your alignment.

But you are concerned about how long this aligned smile will last. And that’s why you are here!

This blog is like a guide for Hawley retainers where you will get all your answers. What is a Hawley retainer? Where can I get a Hawley retainer? How does a Hawley retainer work? And many more.

So, let’s jump straight into it.

What Is a Hawley Retainer?

Hawley retainer is one of the types of orthodontic retainers. These are the most preferred retainers for keeping teeth in place after straightening.

This oral device is made from hard plastic or acrylic and wires. After the braces are removed, wires are passed over the teeth to keep them aligned. The acrylic is balanced on the roof of the mouth or beneath the tongue.

The retainer protects the effects of your orthodontic treatment and prevents your teeth from returning to their former position. 

The Hawley retainers are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and incredibly successful at maintaining the alignment of your smile if worn as directed.

Hawley Retainer

How Does a Hawley Retainer Work?

Hawley retainers have an acrylic plate that rests pleasantly on the lingual walls or palate while its wire loops around the teeth and keeps them in place.

These retainers have 2 wire parts, one across the front teeth and two on the back, to keep them in place. 

Metal wires provide the requisite pressure to keep teeth in place. The wires will apply pressure to every portion of the mouth, including the back and front teeth.

These retainers are easily adjustable and make you feel more natural and comfortable as the space allows you to make contact between the teeth of the lower and upper jaw.

They are easily removed by gently pulling down (for the upper Hawley retainer) and gently pulling upwards (for the lower Hawley retainer) from the back of the plate or the back of the wires. 

Orthodontists usually recommend Hawley retainers at the beginning of treatment for full time and thereafter at night time to ensure a long-lasting, healthy, and aligned smile.

How To Clean Hawley Retainers?

As the retainers are worn for a long time, they are more likely to build bacteria onto them. So, it is always ideal to use clean retainers for good oral hygiene and a better life for retainers.

5 Tips on How to Clean Hawley Retainers

Follow these five tips to make sure Hawley retainers are clean and free from bacteria:

  • Drink Water Most of The Time

Yeah, that’s good for overall health and also for retainers. Drinking plenty of water daily will prevent bacterial overgrowth on or near the retainers. 

Water also combats dry mouth, which is associated with tooth decay.

Dried retainers are more prone to damage. It is always ideal to soak the retainer in distilled water whenever they are removed.

  • Use Denture Cleaner Tablets and Toothbrush

Denture cleaner tablets are the best solution to clean dentures perfectly. Using other chemicals and harsh toothpaste will harm the appliances.

It is important to take proper hygiene care for the appliances as, ultimately, they will go in the mouth. 

Rinse the dentures thoroughly, then soak for 20 minutes in the cleaner solution, and then gently scrub them with a denture cleaner toothbrush.

  • Use Non-Whitening Toothpaste

When brushing teeth, also brush the retainers. Brushing your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-whitening toothpaste is recommended. 

After that, remove the retainer and properly rinse it. After removing the retainer, brush the teeth to cleanse those areas covered.

  • Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a safe and versatile disinfectant. Additionally, you can use it to whiten yellowed retainers.

Baking soda kills germs without harsh chemicals and helps keep a retainer from creating pH imbalances that are harmful to the mouth.

Gently brush the retainers with a toothbrush and a solution of baking soda and water. For residue removal, it is recommended to rinse the retainer thoroughly.

  • Use Retainers Case

Retainer cases are made for a reason. They protect your retainer if you need to remove it or take it with you.

Take a case with you, so you can safely store your retainer in a clean place. It helps to avoid putting your retainer in a pocket or purse, which could damage the device.

How Much Does a Hawley Retainer Cost?

Regarding Hawley retainer cost, they are available between $150 – $300 for a single arch and $300 -$600 for a set, depending on the requirement.

But it is ideal to go for $240 – $250 for a single arch and $470 – $480 for both upper and lower sets.

They are the most affordable and effective solution when it comes to price. When compared with the prices Hawley Retainer is also the most durable appliance.

They have a lifespan of 5 – 10 years if properly taken care of.  

Can You Buy a Hawley Retainer Online?

The most common concern nowadays is regarding buying Hawley retainers online.

It is easy to get your retainers online, and they are available in every possible option. The prosthodontists follow a simple process where you give impressions to them without going anywhere. 

Dental Lab Direct makes it easier by sending impression kits to doorsteps. You can easily give impressions by following the instructions from the comfort of your home.

The impressions are then sent to the laboratory, where the custom dental appliances are designed and shipped directly to the customer’s location. Isn’t it easy?

You don’t need to go anywhere or get tested with harmful equipment and chemicals. Buying a Hawley retainer online will be a safe, cost-effective option and you will get durable appliances.

Hawley Retainer Alternatives

The Clear Orthodontic retainers, commonly known as Essix-style retainers, can be an alternative to Hawley retainers.

These Essix-style retainers are made of crystal-clear material that provides invisible protection to the teeth. However, when compared to Hawley retainers, the durability is slightly less.

Although it depends on the requirement of these Clear retainers, if once broken or damaged, then they do not get fixed again, you have to get a new set for you.

Are Hawley Retainers Right for Me?

When it comes to finding the best durable retainer to keep your teeth in place following orthodontic treatment, Hawley retainers are the way to go.

They’ve been around for decades and are still one of the most dependable solutions.

These retainers are designed with two wire parts on the back to add stability. It is a removable retainer, also called a wire retainer, and it is a cost-effective option for maintaining your teeth in an optimal position.

Conclusion: Don’t Lose Your Hard-Won Aligned Smile 

After reading the above sections, you may have understood why retainers are an essential followed up process after braces. There would be no point in losing that aligned smile after many hardships from braces treatment.

Now you may have a question: Where can I get a Hawley retainer?

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