5 Advantages of Nesbit Flexible Partial Denture from Dental Lab Direct

5 Advantages of Nesbit Flexible Partial Denture from Dental Lab Direct 5 Advantages of Nesbit Flexible Partial Denture from Dental Lab Direct

If you are looking out to invest in a great flexible partial denture, Nesbit brings you a great option when you have only 1 tooth to replace. The Valplast Nesbit or the Unilateral Partial is the best option if you want a cost-effective long-term solution for a missing tooth.

We at Dental Lab Direct understand the various problems one faces while wearing dentures. They sometimes are feared for being uncomfortable and this is precisely why we recommend that you invest in Partial Dentures. These Partial Dentures are easy to use and a great way to fix your dental problems. They are extremely small and comfortable and barely noticeable.

You will not regret buying them, but before we tell you the price and the product specifications, here are a list of advantages of using Partial Dentures:

1. They improve their appearance and exude self-confidence. With great teeth will come great confidence. We have observed that many patients with dental problems have a hard time speaking and socializing as they are afraid of others mocking them. These dentures will help you with that.

2. They help in speech as certain sounds like V and F are made only when the bottom lip contacts the edges of the central upper incisors. Thus, improving speech and helping you make certain sounds easily.

3. They enable better chewing by restoring your ability to speak properly without problems that come in without dentures. Without partial dentures and teeth deformities or problems, we at Direct Dental Lab have observed how people find it extremely hard to chew. After dentures, you will realize that chewing has become extremely easy.

4. They prevent teeth from moving and the consequences of missing teeth. Now many times when your teeth over-erupt, they can grow and touch the other gum. At this point, it becomes extremely important that neighboring teeth shift too. However, many spaces are left which creates chances of food sticking into them. Partial dentures will help you with that. 

5. Enable protection of other teeth and reduce the chances of future teeth loss. These dentures make sure that you do not lose any other teeth than you already have and also protect your teeth from further damage. They reduce the likelihood of problems with other teeth by taking pressure off them. In fact, wearing them will also reduce the risk of facial changes that may occur due to dental problems as they will help support your muscles, cheeks, and lips.

The costs of a Partial Denture can vary, depending on the materials used and how many teeth your dentures will be replacing. But generally, they are very affordable. You can expect extra costs from periodic adjustments, or if you need to pay to have a partial denture repaired. We have detailed some things that you ought to know about the product before you buy it:

1. They come with a DLD storage case.

2. They are non-allergic and metal-free.

3. They are flexible and durable and will not crack if dropped.

4. They are lightweight and comfortable.

5. They are a single tooth replacement for the front and back teeth.

The non-allergic flexible base resin is an ideal material for the Nesbit, offering the perfect degree of flexibility and stability for a single tooth replacement. During the first month with a partial denture, try cutting up your food into small bites. This will help you become comfortable eating with your denture. As you become more confident, you can begin adding diverse foods to your diet. Depending on where you require a partial denture, you may still have difficulty eating particularly hard, sticky, or chewy foods. However, most of our patients at Dental Lab, have few difficulties with their partials during mealtime.

So if you’re ready to make your purchase, head to our Nesbit Flexible Partial Denture page and place your order today!