5 Advantages of Mail-Order Partial Dentures

Dentist testing artificial removable partial dentures.

Partial dentures can be termed as custom-made replacements fitted into the mouth of patients who have lost more than a couple of teeth. They can be easily taken out and placed back into one’s mouth with ease, via proper caution. Flexible partial dentures require soft tissues and remaining teeth. This makes having a thorough dental examination vital to determine whether or not any dental work is needed before fitting for these removable partial dentures.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are the dentures that are used to replace a single tooth or a couple of them. They are diverse in nature and are designed to replace all the missing teeth. Because how they can be taken out without the assistance of a dentist or dental professional, partial dentures are also well-known as removal dentures.  

Flexible partial dentures are made from unique material that offers you added comfort and fit. We at Dental Lab Direct have listed some advantages for you.

1. Lower Cost

Low-cost partial dentures have a less invasive procedure and typically have a lower cost than replacing the teeth altogether. They are simple to add to if additional teeth are needed in the future. They improve the look of the mouth and offer confidence to those who have missing teeth.

2. Convenient

Mail-order partial dentures are very convenient as they protect the gums and oral tissues and prevent the existing teeth from drifting into any gaps left by the missing teeth. When this occurs, food particles can become trapped, which leads to bacteria build-up and even gum disease. The majority of patients have no problem adapting to removable partial dentures as compared to complete ones.

3. No Dental Office Visits

Affordable online partial dentures are usually made on the same day as the check-up, bypassing the requirement to have to go for months without any teeth, which is what mostly happens in the case of full dentures. Having partial dentures placed is very simple for both dentists and patients as there’s usually no surgery involved.  

4. No Exposure to Covid-19

Fetching mail-order partial dentures is not a big effort. After having a word with your dental technician, you can easily get your partial dentures curated and delivered to your doorstep making it completely safe from Covid-19. This way you’ll be investing in a strong bite using a long-term solution.

5. Fetch the Same Quality as Any Dentist Would Offer

These flexible partial dentures have fine quality as any dentist would offer. You can feel confident when chewing, smiling, or speaking because the partial dentures appear natural. The gum tissues heal around the abutments to create a natural-looking gum line when the restoration is attached to it. They are made of all-ceramic material to blend in with any remaining teeth. Your new smile is customized to make sure the teeth are in the ideal shape, size, and color for flawless results.

6. Caring for Flexible Partial Dentures

Each night the partial denture must be removed in order to relieve both the teeth and gum tissue. They need adequate blood circulation and air to be fit and healthy. You must keep them in clean water and place them in your mouth using your fingers and not by biting them.

Never let the dentures dry out and make sure not to use hot water as it causes the dentures to warp. Always take care of your teeth to make sure there aren’t signs of plaque. And importantly brush your dentures as you would do to your normal set of teeth to get rid of food and dental plaque, as well as prevent stain build-up.

Ultimately, mail-order partial dentures are an ideal option for many individuals with missing teeth. They cost less, are easy to adapt to, and can easily be customized for each dental patient. Definitely talk about a win-win!

We at Dental Lab Direct understand the needs of our clients. With customer satisfaction as one of our major goals, we will make sure that you get what is best for you!

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