Why is There a Calcium Buildup on My Night Guard?

After wearing a night guard for an extended period of time, you may notice white spots begin to emerge on the surface. While this is common, calcium buildup on a night guard is also a sign that you may need to clean your night guard more regularly.

When you first start wearing a night guard, it’s easier to remember to keep it clean and stored properly, because the device is still so new that it’s almost surprising every time you wear or interact with it. But as time goes on, and wearing a night guard becomes more routine, it becomes such a normal part of your routine that it blends into the background and it becomes easy to forget that the night guard is even around. This is usually the point that wearers begin to become more relaxed with the cleaning and care for their night guard, perhaps forgetting to clean between uses, or storing it outside of its proper provided case. And that’s when the white spots start to appear.

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