4 Types of Partial Dentures Available with Online Dental Labs

4 Types of Partial Dentures Available with Online Dental Labs

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Has it ever occurred to you that the human body is very complex? Well, the fact is, yes, it is. The human body is an intricately interconnected network of different organs and biological processes. Scientific research states that an effect on a certain part of the body definitively has the tendency of having an adverse effect on the other parts of the body. In fact, lack of oral hygiene may lead to catastrophic results. The mouth is the entry point for our airways and the bacteria that should not enter our body are filtered out by our mouth. Further, in these times of increasing pollution, our mouth has to filter out dust, pollution, etc. This makes it absolutely essential to practice good oral hygiene. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene, brushing, and flossing at least twice a day is a must.


A lesser-known fact is that since oral hygiene is the gateway for other systems such as digestive or respiratory systems, it may contribute immensely to other diseases. Conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, endocarditis, pregnancy and birth complications, pneumonia, etc. may be a result of the improper or insufficient emphasis on oral health. Therefore, apart from being all about good hygiene practice, the value of dental and oral health is immense.

Every individual must take dental health very seriously and take necessary affirmative actions for the same as well. Keeping the mouth clean, brushing, and flossing twice every day, and undertaking mandatory visits to a dentist are a must.

There are many diseases that have been constantly on the rise. To remedy the same, the dental fraternity and prosthodontists globally, are coming up with different ways and means to deal with the issue at the very grass root level. There has been a use of various different mechanisms and treatments that are being encouraged to prevent unbearable tooth pain, falling out of teeth especially in old age, etc. An instrumental innovation in this direction has been the emergence of dentures.


What are dentures?

Dentures are not just ‘false teeth’, there is a lot of science and research backing that goes behind the concept of dentures. Ranging from cosmetic to practical. Dentures are a very underestimated equipment and must be used extensively.

Dentures basically are prosthetic devices that are an alternative to missing teeth. They also restore oral functions that were lost due to missing teeth and additionally cosmetically, the appearance of a person is also restored. Dentures are constructed using molds; therefore, each individual shall have a customized denture to suit their needs.

A full denture would typically include, flesh-colored acrylic bases which fit exactly over the gums. The base of the upper denture covers the roof of the mouth and the lower one has a metal wire in the front to provide space for the tongue.


How important are dentures?

A very staggering figure found by the American College of Prosthodontists is that about 23 million people of the world are completely edentulous and about 12 million are edentulous in one arch. 90% of these people have dentures. However, this number is continuously rising and it is predicted that in the next 15 years, this number is going to rise to 200 million individuals.

Dentures may contribute immensely to the restoration of oral functions such as the prevention of plaque build-up by filling up the spaces created by missing teeth. Additionally, it may also remedy speech impediments and also restores the shape of the mouth, thereby restoring the appearance of a person to what it was before some kind of accident. Dentures are also said to have a positive impact on mental health as it leads to a rise in a person’s self-confidence.


What are the different kinds of dentures?

There are roughly 3 kinds of dentures.

1. Conventional Complete Denture

A full denture is conventionally inserted when all the teeth in the mouth are missing. The traditional complete denture is sealed in the mouth with the gums. At times, dental implants are also added surgically which are placed on the bones of the jaw.

After the healing in the mouth has taken place, a conventional full denture is inserted. Due time is given for the tissues to heal in such a case.

2. Immediate Complete Denture

In such a scenario, immediately after the extraction of teeth and surgery, this complete denture is inserted. A growing concern however remains the frequent visits to the dentists in case of an immediate complete denture as this kind of a denture needs to be re-aligned very often as, throughout the healing process, the denture keeps getting loose.

3. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are constructed taking the natural existing teeth of the patient into account. Basically, the entire denture is made in a manner that it only fills up the spaces where teeth do not exist anymore.


4 Types of Partial Dentures available with Online Dental Labs


1.Acrylic Partial Dentures

A lightweight and comfortable option, acrylic partial dentures are very convenient to use. They blend in with the color of the gums and look very natural. These kinds of dentures should be made with high aesthetic and rigid options of acrylic. It is one of the most effective and commonly used dentures.

2. Clear Retainer Partial Dentures

The clear retainer, as its name suggests is transparent and is not even visible when it is inserted in the mouth. It basically fits over the existing teeth and provides support and structure. It is a very affordable alternative to get your beautiful smile back.

3. Flexible Partial Dentures

A flexible partial denture is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment. These flexible dentures do not completely cover all the teeth like other rigid options, but rather, give a lot of breathing space to all the existing teeth as well. They do not have any metal clasps and cover only the required teeth, therefore, look very natural and it is hard to make out that a partial denture is worn. Further, they are made from a non-allergenic nylon resin material which is very gentle on the gums and also ensures that the mouth remains odorless and stainless as the material does not absorb.

4. Nesbit Flexible Partial Dentures

One of the best options is the Nesbit Partial if limited teeth are to be replaced. If a single tooth is to be replaced, the non-allergenic and metal-free option may be resorted to. It is very small in size and exactly fits on the portion required. The denture offers the ideal degree of stability and flexibility for a single tooth replacement.


Which type of dentures are regarded as relatively better?

Partial dentures are undeniably used more commonly and are better than the Complete dentures.

1. Flexibility

Partial dentures are flexible in all aspects. Not only can they be constructed on the basis of the material of choices such as on a plastic base or metal framework but they also have more flexibility of use.

2. Constructed according to the requirement

In the medical profession, the thumb rule is that there is the least interference in the human body as possible. A partial denture gives the option of using the natural teeth as they are and additionally providing support for only the missing spaces.

3. Give natural healing time

Partial dentures also provide a healing opportunity. When used as temporary replacements, they give the required buffer period for the healing of tissues, gums, and bones before any external restorative process is carried out.

4. Functional

The functionality and practicality of partial dentures are substantially greater than that of complete dentures. Partial dentures suit the exact need of an individual. It is applicable to all persons in a very specialized manner and therefore it increasingly makes more sense to use these dentures.

The biggest concern in opting for dentures is customization and hygienic practices. If the correct denture is not selected, it becomes very problematic. Details such as gum shade, teeth shade, etc. go a long way. Since this is a very important investment in your health, the Dental Lab Direct poses a very credible option for all your needs. Dental Lab Direct can not only serve all your requirements but also provides for highly technical and sophisticated pieces of equipment for your teeth. This is why buying from here is a great idea.

Dental Lab Direct offers the highest degree of customization possible. The options are abundant. Not only does Dental Lab Direct have customized options such as which arch is required, the number of teeth spaces to be filled, multiple tooth shades, many gum shades, etc., but it also provides very specialized services by having highly-skilled and qualified dental technicians on board to assist in the procedure effectively.

Dental Lab Direct redefines online delivery in medical health by following a very simple and effective 123 process. The first step is to take impressions. The second is to send impressions. Thirdly, we deliver them right to your doorstep in about two weeks. The process is very convenient and everything can be done online, within the comfort of your home.

Utmost importance is also given to hygienic practices at Dental Lab Direct. We only use top quality FDA approved materials and products. But we don’t stop there. With most of our appliances being completely hypoallergic, you can rest easy knowing you will not have any allergic reactions due to harmful chemicals often used by other companies. You may contact us at 1-888-591-2220 and email at [email protected] and additionally visit our website for a varied array of products.

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