Choosing Right Mouthguards for Your Players​

One of the things that any basketball, football, rugby, soccer and hockey player must ensure is that their teeth are well covered before they head out to play. Activities during training and play are known to cause severe dental injuries including loss of teeth.

More than 5 million teeth are avulsed per year as a result of sporting injuries and trauma. For certain cases, these avulsions are the result of either not wearing a mouthguard or wearing poorly made and fitted mouthguards. There should be emphasis on the importance of wearing an athletic mouthguard in any sport. 

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Benefits of using Metal-Free Dental Appliances​

Unlike metal restorations of the past, metal-free dental restorations will restore your smile to health, providing a more natural appearance without dental amalgams containing mercury and other metal elements. Alternate solutions to traditional metal-based restorative materials like zirconia, lithium di-silicate and all-ceramic materials have been launched on the market.  In the last decade, metal-free dental solutions have improved considerably, providing a broader variety of metal-free options. If you’ve ever had metal fillings, you know they can weaken the natural charm of your smile.

Thanks to innovations in modern dentistry, your dentist may give porcelain veneers or crowns that attach directly to damaged or discolored teeth. Since these dental restorations suit the color of your natural enamel tooth, no one will be able to tell you that you have done dental work. Metal-free dentistry is safer for the general health as well. 

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The Importance Of using FDA Approved Dental Materials ​

Considering the high costs of dental treatments if things go wrong, you ensure that the dental appliances you’re using have FDA approved dental materials in them. The standards set by FDA for dental materials ensure that they are up to the quality required to keep your dental health fine.

In this article, we’re explaining what is FDA, how it approves dental materials and the importance of using FDA approved dental materials.

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How Effective are Anti-Snore Appliances?

Anti-snore devices are also mouthpieces that alter the position of the jaw or tongue, enabling you to breathe freely. They can greatly minimize snoring and can be absolutely eliminated in some situations. Since anti-snore devices reduce noise and improve breathing, they help you get a full night’s rest.

In fact, anti-snore devices may have a positive effect on your productivity at work, making it easier to focus during the day.

Here are the top reasons why you should start using an efficient device to avoid snoring.

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How Effective are Anti-Snore Appliances?

Has it ever occurred to you that the human body is very complex? Well, the fact is, yes, it is. The human body is an intricately interconnected network of different organs and biological processes. Scientific research states that an effect on a certain part of the body definitively has the tendency of having an adverse effect on the other parts of the body. In fact, lack of oral hygiene may lead to catastrophic results. The mouth is the entry point for our airways and the bacteria that should not enter our body are filtered out by our mouth. Further, in these times of increasing pollution, our mouth has to filter out dust, pollution, etc. This makes it absolutely essential to practice good oral hygiene. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene, brushing, and flossing at least twice a day is a must.

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Dentures: All You Need to Know About Partial and Full Dentures​

You might have come across someone who is missing a tooth and wondered how do they manage with their ailment? Well, when a person is missing certain teeth, they may experience a lot of problems. These problems include not being able to eat everything they like or have a confident smile. These issues can seriously affect morale and confidence, which is needed for everyday survival. When smiling makes you conscious or you cannot devour your favorite delicacy, it is time to do something. Do something to restore happiness and determination in yourself. This is where dentures come into play.

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