Physical and Mental Effects of Having Poor Dental Hygiene Such as Missing Teeth and An Unattractive Smile

There is an eternal bond between oral and overall health. Good oral health can enhance mental and physical health. Poor oral health can increase mental issues and mental conditions can cause oral health issues. There can be a vicious cycle with consistent pain and inflammation in the mouth leading to further depression or poor self-esteem.

At Dental Lab Direct, we aim to offer awareness, and cost-effective treatment for health conditions every day, especially oral health. Regularly brushing with fluoride toothpaste combined with reduced sugar intake is the ideal way to a healthy mouth and enables one to speak, eat, and socialize without pain, embarrassment, or discomfort.

But, poor diet and irregular routines of people experiencing severe depression or substance abuse can result in them missing the warning signs of cavities forming and so lead to developing further infections or even losing a tooth.

Mental Difficulties

One of the most common mental health issues that directly affect oral health is dental anxiety. We can describe this as a fear of visiting the dentist, even if it’s for a simple check-up. Such mental issues have adverse effects on the individual’s physical appearance, self-image, and self-esteem. Patients with severe mental difficulties are 2.7 times more likely to have lost all their teeth than the general population. Similarly, people with mental difficulties have higher statistical rates of tooth decay and missing teeth which affect self-image and physical appearance.

When teeth and gums are unattractive, people become reluctant to smile. Smiling is a socially accepted way to show friendliness and confidence. When you fail to smile, people around get the impression that you are unfriendly or do not have any mood to interact. This turning away affects self-confidence and makes you feel that others do not like you. In reality, others are just picking up cues from you.     

Physical Difficulties

Since our mouth is a primary entryway into the body, poor oral health can have drastic consequences on the entire body. It is vital to practice good oral hygiene and to see the dentist regularly in order to prevent serious difficulties. Here are some health problems that can pop up.

1. Dementia

Poor oral hygiene can affect the brain. Substances that are released from gums inflamed by infection can kill brain cells and lead to memory loss. Dementia can be an outcome of gingivitis when the bacteria in the mouth spreads to the nerve channels or enters the bloodstream.

2. Cancer

Poor oral hygiene habits like smoking or using other tobacco products can cause oral or throat cancer, but other types of cancer have also been linked to gum diseases. The risk for pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, or blood cancer is much higher for people who have poor oral hygiene habits.

3. Diabetes

Gum diseases can lead to worse symptoms like high blood sugar levels. It is crucial for diabetics to take good care of their oral health to prevent complications with their disease. Since gum diseases can lead to higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, a person with poor oral hygiene is at an increased risk of getting diabetes.

4. Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a serious health issue that affects the heart, kidney, bones, and blood pressure. People with gum diseases have weaker immune systems and are more likely to get infections. Many people who suffer from poor oral health also suffer from kidney diseases. Kidney diseases can be fatal if it leads to kidney failure or cardiovascular difficulty.

5. Respiratory Infections

The respiratory area can suffer as an outcome of poor oral hygiene. Bacteria in the mouth from infected teeth and inflamed gums can be breathed into the lungs or travel there through the bloodstream. Once there, the bacteria can lead to respiratory infections, acute bronchitis, and even pneumonia.

The ideal way to prevent serious physical and mental health issues caused by bad oral health is to practice good oral hygiene. Healthy teeth are clean and free of pain caused by cavities or bacteria. Oral health is an indicator of overall health.

Visit us at Dental Lab Direct to explore affordable dental appliances that can help you maintain your oral health and in turn, improve your mental and physical health as well!

5 Advantages of Nesbit Flexible Partial Denture from Dental Lab Direct

If you are looking out to invest in a great flexible partial denture, Nesbit brings you a great option when you have only 1 tooth to replace. The Valplast Nesbit or the Unilateral Partial is the best option if you want a cost-effective long-term solution for a missing tooth.

We at Dental Lab Direct understand the various problems one faces while wearing dentures. They sometimes are feared for being uncomfortable and this is precisely why we recommend that you invest in Partial Dentures. These Partial Dentures are easy to use and a great way to fix your dental problems. They are extremely small and comfortable and barely noticeable.

You will not regret buying them, but before we tell you the price and the product specifications, here are a list of advantages of using Partial Dentures:

1. They improve the appearance and exude self-confidence. With great teeth will come great confidence. We have observed that many patients with dental problems have a hard time speaking and socializing as they are afraid of others mocking them. These dentures will help you with that.

2. They help in speech as certain sounds like V and F are made only when the bottom lip contacts the edges of the central upper incisors. Thus, improving the speech and helping you make certain sounds easily.

3. They enable better chewing by restoring your ability to speak properly without problems that come in without dentures. Without partial dentures and teeth deformities or problems, we at Direct Dental Lab have observed how people find it extremely hard to chew. After dentures, you will realize that chewing has become extremely easy.

4. They prevent teeth from moving and the consequences of missing teeth. Now many times when your teeth over-erupt, they can grow and touch the other gum. At this point, it becomes extremely important that neighboring teeth shift too. However, many spaces are left which creates chances of food sticking into them. Partial dentures will help you with that. 

5. Enable protection of other teeth and reduce the chances of future teeth loss. These dentures make sure that you do not lose any other teeth then you already have and also protect your teeth from further damage. They reduce the likelihood of problems with other teeth by taking pressure off them. In fact, wearing them will also reduce the risk of facial changes that may occur due to dental problems as they will help support your muscles, cheeks, and lips.

The costs of a Partial Denture can vary, depending on the materials used and how many teeth your dentures will be replacing. But generally, they are very affordable. You can expect extra costs from periodic adjustments, or if you need to pay to have a partial denture repaired. We have detailed some things that you ought to know about the product before you buy it:

1. They come with a DLD storage case.

2. They are non-allergic and metal-free.

3. They are flexible and durable and will not crack if dropped.

4. They are lightweight and comfortable.

5. They are a single tooth replacement for the front and back tooth.

The non-allergic flexible base resin is an ideal material for the Nesbit, offering the perfect degree of flexibility and stability for a single tooth replacement. During the first month with a partial denture, try cutting up your food into small bites. This will help you become comfortable eating with your denture. As you become more confident, you can begin adding diverse foods into your diet. Depending on where you require a partial denture, you may still have difficulty in eating particularly hard,

sticky, or chewy foods. However, most of our patients at Dental Lab, have few difficulties with their partials during mealtime.

So if you’re ready to make your purchase, head to our Nesbit Flexible Partial Denture page and place your order today!

5 Advantages of Mail-Order Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be termed as custom-made replacements fitted into the mouth of patients who have lost more than a couple of teeth. They can be easily taken out and placed back into one’s mouth with ease, via proper caution. Flexible partial dentures require soft tissues and remaining teeth. This makes having a thorough dental examination vital to determine whether or not any dental work is needed before the fitting for these removable partial dentures.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are the dentures that are used to replace a single tooth or a couple of them. They are diverse in nature and are designed to replace all the missing teeth. Because of how they can be taken out without the assistance of a dentist or a dental professional, partial dentures are also well-known as removal dentures.  

Flexible partial dentures are made from unique material that offers you added comfort and fit. We at Dental Lab Direct have listed some advantages for you.

1. Lower Cost

Low-cost partial dentures have a less invasive procedure and typically have a lower cost than replacing the teeth altogether. They are simple to add to if additional teeth are needed in the future. They improve the look of the mouth and offer confidence to those who have missing teeth.

2. Convenient

Mail order partial dentures are very convenient as they protect the gums and oral tissues and prevent the existing teeth from drifting into any gaps left by the missing teeth. When this occurs, food particles can become trapped, which leads to bacteria build-up and even gum disease. The majority of patients have no problem adapting to removable partial dentures as compared to the complete ones.

3. No Dental Office Visits

Affordable online partial dentures are usually made on the same day as the check-up, bypassing the requirement to have to go for months without any teeth, which is what mostly happens in the case of full dentures. Having partial dentures placed is very simple for both dentists and patients as there’s usually no surgery involved.  

4. No Exposure to Covid-19

Fetching mail order partial dentures is not a big effort. After having a word with your dental technician, you can easily get your partial dentures curated and delivered at your doorstep making it completely safe from Covid-19. This way you’ll be investing in a strong bite using a long-term solution.

5. Fetch the Same Quality as Any Dentist Would Offer

These flexible partial dentures have fine quality as any dentist would offer. You can feel confident when chewing, smiling, or speaking because the partial dentures appear natural. The gum tissues heal around the abutments to create a natural-looking gum line when the restoration is attached to it. They are made of all-ceramic material to blend in with any remaining teeth. Your new smile is customized to make sure the teeth are the ideal shape, size, and color for flawless results.

6. Caring for Flexible Partial Dentures

Each night the partial denture must be removed in order to relieve both the teeth and gum tissue. They need adequate blood circulation and air to be fit and healthy. You must keep them in clean water and place them in your mouth using your fingers and not by biting it.

Never let the dentures dry out and make sure not to use hot water as it causes the dentures to warp. Always take care of your teeth to make sure there aren’t signs of plaque. And importantly brush your dentures as you would do to your normal set of teeth to get rid of food and dental plaque, as well as prevent stain build-up.

Ultimately, mail order partial dentures are an ideal option for many individuals with missing teeth. They cost less, they are easy to adapt too and can easily be customized for each dental patient. Definitely talk about a win-win!

We at Dental Lab Direct understand the needs of our clients. With customer satisfaction as one of our major goals, we will make sure that you get what is best for you!

If you would like more information on removable partial dentures, please contact us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. With a team of trained professionals, we can assure you that we will find the best solution for you.

We understand that every client has special requirements and certain concerns about dentistry and for some, the whole thing can be nerve-racking. We understand your fears and our professionals will make sure that you can take a seat while they explain every little facet of this procedure at leisure to you.

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Why Use a Custom Nightguard for Teeth Grinding or Bruxism?​

Did you ever wake up with a sore jaw, toothache or headache? These are common sleep bruxism, or teeth-grinding symptoms. According to estimates, 10-15 per cent of adults are dealing with sleep bruxism and children will often experience it too.

Teeth grinding or bruxism can be difficult to control or avoid, since it happens during sleep. One way to prevent the harmful effects of grinding your teeth is to wear a nightguard.

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Why Wearing Your Retainer After an Orthodontic Treatment Or Braces is Important?​

 It’s a big day, and your braces are finally coming off! Does that mean that you’re done? No. Your journey not stop here.

Your orthodontic specialist may recommend that you wear retainers after your braces have been removed, and they will always be very strict about it. Retainers are a crucial part of holding your teeth straight after your braces. After treatment they must be worn frequently to keep your teeth in their correct, new position while your gums, ligaments and bones change.

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Do I need night guards for Teeth Grinding?​

Spending your nights gnashing the teeth together is exhausting, just to awaken with a sore jaw, headache and broken teeth. And it is much more difficult to have a night guard prescribed that fixes the grinding symptoms — but does not have a remedy to stop the grinding for good. Though eight percent of the population reports that their teeth are grinding, we think this number is underreported.

As a result, health problems and skyrocketing costs continue to make people suffer. This article is for you if you have been given a night dental guard in the past or if you have been led to believe that your grinding and clenching are caused solely by stress. 

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What Safety Does A Professional Sports Mouthguard Provide?​

While we provide our teeth with plenty of care by daily cleaning, and make routine visits to the dentist to ensure that there are no underlying issues with our dental health, we are often less vigilant about preserving our teeth during sporting activities.

Physical sports often require contact with the body, and the involvement can result in injuries. Sport injuries may include any part of the body, and when it comes to possible injuries, the mouth is no exception. A misplaced pass, or flailing arm, or even falling awkwardly, all can cause potential mouth damage. A custom mouthguard is designed by a dentist to suit the patients snugly and comfortably. Every sportsperson should consider using a mouthguard in both realistic and competitive sports, as well as in exercise, to protect teeth, gums and jaws.

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What are partial dentures?​

Commonly known as false teeth, upper and/or lower dentures, are made in such a way so as to fill the space or gaps created by missing teeth so that you can be carefree when you flash your brilliant smile. Partial dentures are usually made of gum-colored bases that hold replacement teeth that attach to the adjoining natural teeth by way of clasps, also called precision attachments. Additionally, partial dentures can also be taken off or removed whenever you want. What’s more, this simple contraption can help you feel more confident about yourself and your smile and can also help you get over your self-consciousness if you are missing a tooth or two, or even a few.

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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece: How Using One Can Stop Your Snoring and Improve Your Health​

Are you tired of the disturbed sleep caused by your snoring? Is your snoring annoying your significant other, causing them to nag you about it all the time? We can all agree that getting enough sleep is extremely important for all of us and inadequate sleep caused due to snoring can result in both your mental and physical health taking a serious hit.

For all of you who have gone to the ends of the earth seeking a solution to this problem, we have got a simple and affordable option for you- a stop snoring mouthpiece!

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