5 Reasons to Wear a Nightguard

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5 Reasons to Wear a Nightguard

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Nightguards are also called mouth guards, dental guards or nocturnal bite plates. These provide a protective layer over your teeth which prevents them from unwanted clenching and grinding.  When one clenches their jaw while sleeping, the nightguard provides a cushion to the muscles in the jaw.

It prevents jaw pain and safeguards the enamel of the teeth. Nightguards come in three variants i.e. hard, dual material, and soft. They are available over the counter or custom made by taking your dental measurements.

Before we go into understanding the reasons to wear a nightguard, let’s first understand what Bruxism is.

What is Brychein or Bruxism?

Bruxism comes from the Greek word Brychein which means to clench or grind teeth. This nocturnal activity happens in the mouth while one is asleep. This activity can cause immense discomfort and pain in the jaws and facial muscles leading to headaches and acute discomfort.  

Have you woken up with severe headaches, excruciating jaw pain, facial muscle ache, sleeplessness, and fatigue? Well, you may be suffering from Bruxism or clenching and grinding of teeth. There are several possible causes for Bruxism, but we are not certain as to the exact cause. The good news is that a nightguard worn over the teeth while sleeping can provide considerable relief.   


5 Reasons for Using a Nightguard


1. Constantly recurring and persistent headaches

Chronic headaches can be caused by teeth clenching or grinding. When one wakes up with nagging headaches then it is a pointer to bruxism. While sleeping at night, the activity of clenching and grinding causes pressure on the teeth and jaw muscles leading to headaches.


2. Temporomandibular joint disorder

This affects the muscles that are used to chew. The joints connecting the jaw and skull are affected in this activity. This is one of the prominent causes to bruxism. The pressure from clenching and grinding can affect the mouth and jaw structures, as also muscles, nerves, ligaments, and teeth, particularly the enamel.


3. Normal wear and tear of your teeth

Gradual erosion of the teeth can take place with Bruxism. Dental visits and inspections can reveal the wear and tear affecting the enamel. The erosion of the enamel can harm your teeth as the nerves and interior of the tooth get exposed causing cavities and necessitating a root canal.


4. Prevention of snoring and sleep apnoea

Bruxism can prevent you from getting a sound sleep. However, with the use of a nightguard, this problem can get resolved.


5. Preventing your teeth from drifting

Your teeth, when they do not lie comfortably in your mouth because of the configuration and damage caused by grinding and clenching, tend to drift and get dislocated. A nightguard can help you prevent this.


The damage that jaw clenching and teeth grinding can cause is costly. As years go by, your teeth can become severely damaged. So, it’s best to protect yourself at all times, including at the initial signs of jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

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